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Midlife Can Be Daunting!

Do you feel like you can’t maintain your weight the way you used to? Particularly that weight gain around your middle!

Perhaps health concerns are creeping in and you want to look forward to a healthy and happy future  with your family and loved ones.  You know a healthy weight and lifestyle are important for this  but you’re not sure what to do or nothing is working.

You’re trying to ‘diet’ like you used to  but it’s useless. You either don’t lose weight or you lose it short term then put it all back on again.  Not only that but diets make you feel miserable and hungry and you wonder ‘Is it just the hormones? Maybe I should just give up!’

Added to this it’s hard to avoid fattening, processed ‘foods’.  They’re convenient, they’re everywhere and processed sugar is in absolutely everything…And it’s addictive.

This can leave you feeling hopeless…powerless.

‘Is anything going to work for me?’

‘Can I  do it and still be happy?’

‘Is it just my age, should I just give up?’

Don’t Give Up.

You can do it by taking a different approach.

Healthy and Loving It – My programs for gaining Amazing Health while losing excess weight.

What Is Amazing Health?

Amazing Health done the unique AHL way is achievable, super health for women in midlife and beyond. It leaves you feeling happy, healthy, energised and confident in yourself again.

We take a whole body approach concentrating on eating whole natural foods and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. We have an 85% rule which means being ‘good’ 85% of the time is enough. Persistence not Perfection is our mantra.

At AHL we have a few ‘unique success ingredients’ that make our kind of healthy not just extremely doable but also extremely pleasurable and It leaves you looking and feeling Amazing too. Hello glowing skin and increased energy levels!

What we don’t do  here is count calories, feel hungry, demand exhausting fitness regimes, chase after six packs, or unrealistic body sizes and shapes.

The  women I work with absolutely love their lifestyle, the food and how it makes them feel and look making it an easy forever choice.

Does this unique approach sound good to you?

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Healthy and Loving It.

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Hi, I’m Shona Hagan

In 2012, at the tender age of 45, I was suffering from a few of the usual midlife maladies;- digestive problems, bloated belly, stubborn weight gain around my middle, hot flushes, mild depression, my energy was flagging…

I had to do something. That’s when I reset my lifestyle and discovered Amazing Health. I quickly lost the bloat, my weight stabilised and the digestive problems disappeared almost overnight!

Shona Hagan


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