Feel, Look, Be, Amazing

Below is a truthful account and example of what I eat and I really do feel amazing for it. Im not going to dilute it to make it more popular or commercial.

There are tips at the bottom for saving money or for those on a tight budget.

Every body is different. Nothing is set in stone. Eating well can be adapted and changed to suit you and your lifestyle and tastes etc.

And most importantly step by step, little by little is key.

The great news is that you can still travel, party and be a good dinner guest. Its not like being a vegan or vegetarian where you have to stick to it 100%. You can relax when its easier and much more fun to do so.

I have noticed my adherence is better now than it was when I started out on this journey seven years ago. I deviated more in those days and thats ok. Little by little, step by step!!!

I don’t have 100% adherence to it, its not necessary. 80-85% of the time is good enough. A perfect scenario is to relax it at the weekend.

I think its just a matter of resetting your tastebuds. Nowadays there is NOTHING I would rather eat. I do have the option of relaxing more at the weekends but the majority of the time I don’t bother. I LOVE WHAT I EAT.

I’ve divided the list into 3 groups.

1. Foods I always eat. Forms the majority of my diet.

2. Foods I sometimes eat. Occasional, probably once or twice per week and in moderation.

3. Foods I never eat. (Nearly never) sometimes you have no choice ie when flying long haul

Everything is organic when necessary and where possible

  • Raw Produce – fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds
    Eaten raw, not cooked, where possible. For the reasons why click here.
  • Free range eggs
  • 100% grass fed meat
  • Free range poultry
  • Wild caught fish
  • Organic farmed fish
  • Wild Game
  • Raw honey (but I do watch the amount)
  • Coconut sugar (in moderation)
  • Spices and herbs (waitrose have an extensive organic range)
  • Willies 100% chocolate (or as high % chocolate as you can find)
  • Cold press extra virgin coconut oil

Note:. I don’t just eat handfuls of nuts and seeds. I make delicious raw sweets and desserts from them plus things like raw seed crackers, nut milks and seed butters etc.

Herbal and flower teas
Plant based milks like coconut and almond (mostly coconut, more budget friendly to make yourself)
Green and Blacks Cocoa


  • cheese (around once per week, i always buy the best quality I can find)
  • Brown rice (but in very small portions, normally at the weekend)
  • Potatoes/sweet potatoes (but in very small portions normally at the weekend)
  • Sourdough bread (homemade or find a good artisan, buy the best quality you can find and eat it as a treat)
  • Pulses (these weigh me down a bit, but I do occasionally eat them)
  • Quinoa , buckwheat, couscous etc- the whole versions
  • Oats ( I do like overnight oats but prefer the chia seeds for breakfast which aren’t processed. I think the processing of oats if you buy good ones is minimal although they are by necessity steamed and I like my diet to be raw where possible)

Never (nearly)
Processed Food and Drinks

EXCEPTIONS-Condiments- are processed but sometimes its just worth it and an ok compromise because you eat so little. Things like tabasco sauce, coconut aminos,

Freixnuit Alcohol free cava – Ive always been a wine lover, this is both guilt free (as no alcohol) but also a guilty pleasure (as is processed). Please see note on alcohol below.

A Typical Day

Herbal Tea
Green juice
Raw Chia Seed pudding with coconut milk, berries, dried sour cherries, walnuts and pineapple
Raw Chocolate Brownie Warmed

Fact- This is 100% Raw Vegan as are most of my breakfasts. It keeps me full until dinner and Its also absolutely delicious. And you get to eat chocolate brownie at breakfast


Eggs (after weight training)
A bowl of homemade bone broth or soup
A green smoothie

Fact- I only normally eat lunch when Ive been to the Gym. Im just not hungry after my breakfast and I do eat dinner quite early.

Quality protein portion For example lamb chops, salmon, eggs
A large salad consisting of something dark green like rocket, spinach, tarragon etc, one pear cut up, red pepper, chilli pepper, grated ginger and some lime juice as dressing. Sometimes I add home prepared sauerkraut.

Fact-My diet is very high raw produce. I do allow myself a few cooked meals per week but I very rarely take advantage. I prefer the raw produce. It is absolutely delicious. It tastes alive whereas cooking the vegetables tasted dead to me now.

After dinner/dessert/supper
large cup homemade coconut milk warmed
1 raw chocolate brownie warmed
A portion of Willies 100% chocolate

Fact- When Im home this is always what I eat. Its the last thing I eat or drink in the day. Its a real comfort to me.

“Advanced” Foods

Raw chocolate Brownies
Raw seed crackers
Homemade pumpkin/sunflower seed butter
Homemade cultured butter made from 100% grass fed organic raw cream
Homemade Saurkraut

These are things I make at home that are pretty much out of the ordinary. They are also extraordinarilly good for you and/or make my daily food consumption so much more of a pleasure.

They are generally pretty easy to make and worth every bit of the effort. For example the brownies are an absolute gem, they are my treats but they are also extremely healthy.

Guilt free healthy treats= win win situation

They don’t even have a lot of coconut sugar in them. I’ve cut this down to one tablespoon per batch (of 24 roughly) meaning there is one 24th of a tablespoon of coconut sugar in one brownie and I still adore them. They really are a treat and the sugar consumption is totally acceptable.

  • Money Saving Tips
  • Just follow all the above but buying non organic produce instead. Its a million times better than eating processed “food” For produce, Peel off the skins and/or wash thoroughly. For meats, fish and poultry, Look for the highest welfare you can afford.
  • Always cook from scratch, at least you know whats in your food.
  • Grow your own organic vegetables, especially greens, its cheap, its easy and you can’t beat fresh from the garden. This is my first preference, always. Doesn’t get any better.
  • Go to your local farmers market or farm, lower prices for quality produce. (Some small growers are organic but can’t afford to pay for the organic certification.)
  • Join a vegetable box delivery scheme
  • Most of the main supermarkets offer at least a limited organic range at reasonable prices. This range is getting larger and will increase the more people buy it.

Below this is a list of fruit/vegetables that really do not need to be bought organic they generally have very thick skin protecting the flesh from the poisons sprayed on them.

Produce you dont need to buy organic
melon (all varieties)
sweet potatoes

A note on Alcohol
I’ve always loved wine and have only very recently given it up (January 6th 2019). That means for the rest of the last seven years I was still enjoying the occasional glass of wine and sometimes, much more than a glass, whist still reaping the major benefits of my lifestyle reset. The wine was simply the last thing to go. The point is you can lifestyle reset and still enjoy a glass of wine… I did it for 7 years…but be warned… you may end up giving that up in the end too.😁

Click here to read my blog post Healthy Drinks You Will Love for lots of ideas.

Full details coming soon but here’s an outline:

  • An online 6 week live course
  • The number 1 objective and committment of the course is to inspire healthy eating habits, but a total lifestyle reset is offered. 
  • Leading you step by step , day by day, through the reset and offering advice and support from myself. 
  • Personal guidance to help you negotiate any obstacles on your way to success. 
  • Active student forum for you to motivate each other, share ideas, problems and more.
  • Helping you make good habits and break bad ones.
  • Mindset reset
  • Lifestyle reset
  • Tastebuds reset
  • Basic recipes, video demonstrations, advanced techniques and demos. 
  • Suggestions of weekly menus and shopping for those who want it. You don’t have to think, “what’s for dinner” if you don’t want to. 
  • Inside Out. Tackles many problems with just one goal.
  • Holistic – We are aiming for health of the Mind, Body and Soul
  • Learn simple organic beauty routines
  • Never be hungry
  • Get peace of mind
  • Tips for when you travel

Try out Amazing Health lifestyle reset course. See if it fits! If not, you can always go back to your old lifestyle having completely nourished and cherished yourself for 6 weeks, your body will thank you for it.


You may decide that you love it so much and you feel and look so good that you just keep on going.  

Dying to try it to see if it works? 

Excellent choice! Just subscribe below to be first to get the details when its ready.

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Amazingly Healthy Life, helping you Feel, Look and Be Amazing from the inside outat any age.

I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and questions in the comments section below.

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