Feel, Look, Be, Amazing

We need Exercise, Relaxation and Play!!!

Below is a list of how I bring all 3 into my life. It’s also a list of my loves and passions💕

Use the list to inspire ideas but You do you. Whatever makes you happy, do it. Even just 10 minutes makes all the difference if thats all that you can spare…Draw a picture on your commute, walk in nature for half an hour at lunch time or whenever and whatever … it makes all the difference. Set your timer and just do it!!!


If you love to dance, go to a class or just put on your favourite music and dance like nobody is watching. This counts as playtime too.
Egyptian Dance was my job and still is to a lesser extent. Its my go to cardio, its also so much fun and brings lots of joy in to my life. I adore the music.

shona hagan dancing, sert el hob
Torquay, July 2019
Photo by Tracy De Brito (😘 thanks Tracy)

Find a good teacher and develop your own practice that you can take with you everywhere. The benefits of yoga go far beyond the physical.
Its with me everywhere I go at all times. I currently practice 3x half hour per week.


Strength training
If you want to get strong and stay strong especially going into your middle years and beyond get a bit of strength training into your life💪. And, as a major benefit your body will start to look pretty amazing too. 2-3 times per week, full body, is the maximum you should do, your body needs time to recover in between.
I currently aim for 3x strength training sessions per week. Ive been doing this for around one year and am actually seeing and feeling the results.

Walking (in nature)
I can’t recommend going for a walk in nature enough. It counts as exercise. You tick the fresh air, vitamin D and sunshine boxes (fingers crossed but walking in the rain is also nice). It fills your soul just being surrounded by nature. Trees, flowers, the sea, the mountains, birds, animals, insects whatever! It’s all good and gives you that lovely all is well with the world happiness you can’t find anywhere else. Do it with a friend or partner and the happiness multiplies.
Walking in nature is a weekend activity for me. I always try to fit at least one walk in, normally sunday mornings. If Im not too busy I try to fit them in elsewhere as well. Of course, when Im travelling I enjoy even more outdoor activities in nature.


Prioritise this. Its essential. Do whatever it takes to fit in your 8 hours in bed. Everything in your life is better if you are getting enough sleep. Your looks, your health, your attitude, your happiness levels, your productivity, just everything. full stop.

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I am an early to bed early to rise girl. I go to bed at 10pm and get up around 6/7am. I use sleep stories to help me sleep. Its like having someone read you a bed time story😁. 😴

winnie the pooh sleeping

Ten minutes when you wake up or when you are going to sleep will get you started. Also consider a phone app like Calm to guide your meditation. I like their self affirming messages. Its a nice way to start the day.
I always do 10 minutes first thing in the morning, my Daily Calm. I also try to fit in an unguided one around lunch time but it doesn’t always happen. I also like a bit of meditation before falling asleep at night.

Nature fills you with a happiness thats unlike any other, Get outside and enjoy it, That can be in in so many forms. Sit and relax in your garden, sunbathe at the beach, walk, cycle, run, play, go out on a boat, go fishing, go kayaking, climb a mountain, watch the sunrise or sunset, look at the moon and the stars. and so on. You get the idea.

Find something beyond the house across the street to look at or the four walls inside your house. Doing all the above with friends and family multiplies the benefits, we all need human connection.
Like so many others I sometimes struggle to get outside due to busy-ness. As already mentioned, if possible weekends are reserved for this purpose. But also, I will schedule 10 minutes or half an hour in my day, whatever I can afford, to go outside. Set the timer on my watch or phone, when it goes off, back inside I go. Its amazing the difference that 10 minutes makes to my day. It refreshes me.

glorious sunset
Sunset enjoyed in Port Denarau, Fiji

Sit in it, relax and enjoy, or tinker about and do some gardening, Both are golden.
I like to grow my own organic herbs and vegetables. Its not time consuming. It ticks so many happiness boxes AND provides me with the best possible nutrition for my body at a very budget price. A pretty revolutionary thing to do!!!

Already covered above. You can also look for opportunties to do yoga outside, or set up a space in your garden. Doing yoga outside in nature is sublime

I know it sounds weird but I do have 2 breathing techniques that I use that really enhance my life.

Ujjayi is a breathing technique I learned in Ashtanga yoga class. I use it to calm and centre e.g. in meditation or in times of stress and to energise me during yoga practice.
I also use
Buyteko breathing, This is a method of breathing from Russia primarily used to help Asthma and sleep apnea sufferers. Its extremely interesting and useful. I basically use this to fall asleep and also to keep my heart rate nice and low.

Time with friends and family An essential. We all need to make the effort to do this. It can also be part of your play time.

Play (creativity)

Writing for yourself purely for fun is a great habit to develop, it gets addictive. Keep a journal or do the Morning pages. Carry a small notepad and pen around with you and when you get a minute, in a queue or something, instead of pulling out your phone pull out your notepad, Just write down whatever comes into your mind during that time, Write like nobody will read them (and they shouldn’t) so you can be totally honest with yourself. Extremely cathartic.
Im in love with my morning pages. After my morning meditation Its the first thing I do.

Art – Draw/paint
It doesn’t matter if you are an amazing artist or you have zero talent. Start! These are amazing ways to relax, unwind and get creative. Its so much fun and you get into an almost meditative like trance during these types of activities. Everyone has 10 minutes to pull out a pad and draw. Just put away the phone and do that instead, Much nicer.
I am not a ‘good’ artist but I don’t care. I enjoy it, it makes me feel like a child again. Who says you have to be good at something to do it? When short of time I schedule 10 minutes, pull out a sketch pad and some colouring pencils, set the timer and just go for it. I never regret it. Ive got plans to set up and easel and paints in a dedicated space in the future. Ive no idea how to paint, Ive just got memories of myself in primary 1, and I know I loved it. Thats all I care about.

creative play
a drawing by shona hagan

Dance time can also be play time if thats what you love, especially if done with friends and family

You can get very creative in the garden with what you grow and how you present it.

Creating things
Anything that gets your creative juices flowing is good for you and got to be better for you and more productive than staring mindlessly at your mobile phone right? Whatever floats your boat or is useful to you. sculpting, poetry, furniture making…the list is endless. Its amazing what you can do in half an hour or even just 10 minutes. Schedule time blocks to do creative things, even if a short time, you won’t regret it.
Last weekend I made beeswax tealight candles for the first time and started my bullet journal. Both were creative and really relaxing and fun to do. Both are also extremely useful.


Do it whenever you get the chance. doesn’t need to be to another country. Schedule weekend trips away, use them to immerse in nature. Leave your phone behind (at least when outside)
I travel a lot. What I love most about it is that I am outside a lot more and immersing myself in some form of nature or another.

kayaking in the carribean by shona hagan
Kayaking in St Vincent, Carribean

If I can do it so can you!

I m very excited to be working on my   Amazing Health Lifestyle Reset course. I know it’s going to help so many women. 

Full details coming soon but here’s an outline:

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  • Personal guidance to help you negotiate any obstacles on your way to success. 
  • Active student forum for you to motivate each other, share ideas, problems and more.
  • Helping you make good habits and break bad ones.
  • Mindset reset
  • Lifestyle reset
  • Tastebuds reset
  • Basic recipes, video demonstrations, advanced techniques and demos. 
  • Suggestions of weekly menus and shopping for those who want it. You don’t have to think, “what’s for dinner” if you don’t want to. 
  • Inside Out. Tackles many problems with just one goal.
  • Holistic – We are aiming for health of the Mind, Body and Soul
  • Learn simple organic beauty routines
  • Never be hungry
  • Get peace of mind
  • Tips for when you travel

Try out Amazing Health lifestyle reset course. See if it fits! If not, you can always go back to your old lifestyle having completely nourished and cherished yourself for 6 weeks, your body will thank you for it.


You may decide that you love it so much and you feel and look so good that you just keep on going.  

Dying to try it to see if it works? 

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Amazingly Healthy Life, helping you Feel, Look and Be Amazing from the inside outat any age.

I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and questions in the comments section below.

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