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Learning to love yourself is an amazingly healthy goal. It will bring you health, vitality and happiness. It will help you to fulfill your full potential. Learning to love yourself will help you re-find you and that’s where your real power lies!

That’s why I’ve including my One Week to Loving Yourself More task sheet, so that you can get started straight away. (details below)

This subject is huge, whole books are written on it. This post is merely scratching the surface.

The point is to get you thinking about it and possibly taking a few steps in the right direction.

Knowledge is power. Awareness is key. Only when you are aware of something can you begin to work on it, change, and improve.

The subject of self love is well worth your time.


Because true and genuine self love is powerful beyond measure. If you truly love yourself you are invincible. There is nothing that you cannot do or achieve. We all have greatness in us we just have to believe in ourselves, wholeheartedly, to tap into it. That’s the power of self love.

There are basically 2 sides to learning to love yourself:

  1. The psychological side: Changing and improving your mindset. How you think, feel and talk about yourself.
  2. The practical side: Changing and improving how you look after yourself. Body, mind and Soul.

Both are interconnected. So improving one will automatically improve the other.

Altering our mindset is much deeper and harder to achieve. We have to breakthrough years and decades worth of learned behaviour and thought patterns, much of it from our childhood. Depending on your own personal life you may need a professional therapist to help you with this.

I don’t want you to think about rushing towards some end goal. It’s the journey that matters. That’s truly where the enjoyment, learning and satisfaction lies.

It’s a lifetimes work really but every step closer is a victory. For every step you take towards deeply and truly loving yourself you will be a little bit happier and more contented.

I’m not talking about loving yourself in the narcissistic, vain way where you constantly admire yourself in the mirror and only thinking of yourself and how you look.


This doesn’t mean that you will be perfect or think of yourself as perfect. You will learn to accept and love your ‘flaws and imperfections’ as an integral and necessary part of your unique self.

Nor does it mean that you will live in a Disney like existence where everything is perfect and you are always joyful and bright. You will accept that life has its ups and downs and that so do you.

I’m talking about including yourself in your own circle of love. Being your own BFF Best friend forever , after all, let’s face it , your stuck with yourself… forever. You may as well make peace with it and get on with yourself…

I mean treating yourself the way you treat your most cherished people, like your own children, your best friends, your partner.

Most of us treat ourselves much worse than we treat these important people in our lives.

We abuse ourselves terribly:

  • Trash talking ourselves
  • Judging ourselves harshly
  • Being dismissive of ourselves
  • Putting ourselves and our needs last
  • We have expectations of ourselves we would never demand of our friends and family

This has to stop!

This falls into the deeper, psychological , mindset reset side of learning self love. It’s roots are entrenched in our culture, our childhoods , our personal circumstances…hard to master, needs chipping away at, but not impossible and worth the effort.

The practical side of self love is easier to master:

Self Love = prioritising your own health and wellbeing.

but we still often neglect it:

  • Failing to feed ourselves properly and in fact loading up on poisons and junk
  • Lack of physical excercise
  • Bad habits and addictions
  • Not prioritising our sleep and not understanding its importance
  • Not taking time to relax, unwind, de stress and just be.
  • Neglecting playtime
  • Not spending enough quality time with family, friends and fellow human beings. We all need human connection
  • Not spending time outside in nature

In comparison, ask yourself honestly how would you treat your past self, the child that was you. Your inner child. If you had to look after her right now. What would you feed her, how would you talk to her, what would you encourage her to do and not to do?

The answer to that question should tell you exactly how you should be caring for yourself.

It’s not too late you can look after her now!

Can you tell me one valid reason why you are less important than everyone else?

No I thought not…

So what you really need to do is prioritise your own health and wellbeing on every level. Not just the body but the mind and soul as well. All need to be thriving for you to be healthy. All are interconnected. Only by nourishing, cherishing and nurturing yourself will you ever be truly happy, healthy and contented and be able to reach your full potential.

This week I’m sending a free, fully downloadable task sheet ‘One week to loving yourself More’ to all my email subscribers. The tasks are quick and easy yet powerful and effective. Some of the tasks are good old fashioned self nurture but most are designed to chip away at old, unhealthy mindsets and start building new and healthier ones.

If you have not already subscribed to my email list and would like to receive the task sheet just subscribe in the box below and It will be yours.

More Self love in practice

I’ve covered foods that properly nourish your body here in my blog post Food List and there are some delicious and nutritious recipes in this one. My blog post healthy habits is a fantastic resource with suggestions on different ways we can nurture and care for our whole selves with exercise, relaxation, sleep, nature, play etc etc, Give it a read. Special mention to yoga which manages to tick all 3 boxes of caring for your body, mind and soul. My personal favourites is ashtanga yoga . For anyone in the Dorset area of England I have some great teacher recommendations. Just ask!!!

If I can do it so can you!

I m very excited to be working on my   Amazing Health Lifestyle Reset course. I know it’s going to help so many women. 

Full details coming soon but here’s an outline:

  • An online 6 week live course
  • The number 1 objective and committment of the course is to inspire healthy eating habits, but a total lifestyle reset is offered. 
  • Leading you step by step , day by day, through the reset and offering advice and support from myself. 
  • Personal guidance to help you negotiate any obstacles on your way to success. 
  • Active student forum for you to motivate each other, share ideas, problems and more.
  • Helping you make good habits and break bad ones.
  • Mindset reset
  • Lifestyle reset
  • Tastebuds reset
  • Basic recipes, video demonstrations, advanced techniques and demos. 
  • Suggestions of weekly menus and shopping for those who want it. You don’t have to think, “what’s for dinner” if you don’t want to. 
  • Inside Out. Tackles many problems with just one goal.
  • Holistic – We are aiming for health of the Mind, Body and Soul
  • Learn simple organic beauty routines
  • Never be hungry
  • Get peace of mind
  • Tips for when you travel

Try out Amazing Health lifestyle reset course. See if it fits! If not, you can always go back to your old lifestyle having completely nourished and cherished yourself for 6 weeks, your body will thank you for it.


You may decide that you love it so much and you feel and look so good that you just keep on going.  

Dying to try it to see if it works? 

Excellent choice! Just subscribe below to be first to get the details when its ready.

Email subscribers will get first dibs on the first course to run and also a nice discount. All I need is your first name and email address in the box below. 

Amazingly Healthy Life, helping you Feel, Look and Be Amazing from the inside outat any age.

I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and questions in the comments section below.

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