Hi, I’m Shona Hagan​

In 2012, at the tender age of 45, I struggled with all the typical midlife maladies;- digestive problems, bloated belly, stubborn weight gain around my middle, hot flushes, mild depression, my energy was flagging…

I had to do something… that’s when I reset my lifestyle and discovered Amazing Health. I quickly lost the bloat, my weight stabilised and the digestive problems disappeared almost overnight!

I felt supercharged with energy and absolutely amazing very, very quickly.

Shona Hagan

When you get really healthy you can feel it

At that time I was a full time Egyptian style dance teacher and performer. I was also a full time mum. I was very busy and very, very physically fit but yet I was still having these problems.

At the time I thought I was healthy but looking back I wasn’t at all.

To be blunt I treated myself and my body with complete disregard and I was really starting to see it and feel it. The funny thing was that I never thought I was neglecting myself at the time because I was just doing what everyone else does…

So what did I do?

Not only that but everyone kept telling me that I looked Amazing and to be perfectly honest I could see it too. My skin, my eyes, I was glowing and I still do.

What great results for something completely simple and natural right?

I really wanted to share this with anybody who would listen so I started writing blog posts, I built my Healthy and Loving It programs and trained as a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

I started helping other women do the same thing that I had done with great results. Like me they absolutely love their new eating and lifestyle choices and how it makes them look and feel.

As you can imagine, it’s an absolute pleasure to guide women in this journey to Amazing Health. I’d love to help you too.

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