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Below is a list of healthy habits that all add up to an amazingly healthy life that will make you feel, look and be amazing. It did for me…Click on each habit for further information.

Use the list to inspire ideas but You do you. Whatever makes you happy, do it. Even just 10 minutes makes all the difference if that’s all that you can spare…Draw a picture on your commute, walk in nature for half an hour at lunch time or whenever and whatever … Set your timer and just do it!!!

Eat Healthy Food. This is where it starts, if you get this right everything else falls into place.

Exercise – You don’t need to get crazy but you do need to do something. Read my blog post ‘Exercise Made Easy’

Relax – Unmanaged stress and anxiety is a killer. You need to learn to relax.

Meditate – a great way to relax and manage stress.

Yoga – a great way to relax and manage stress.

Sleep is our superpower. Prioritising it is a great habit to develop. We all know how dire life feels when we’ve not had enough sleep.

Play – draw, paint, play ball, goof around, dance in the rain…Grownups forget to play and have fun. We shouldn’t, we need it more than ever because of the stressful lives we lead, Its effects are transformative.

Get out in Nature – Once you start doing this you won’t ever want to stop. It’s a life changer.

Move More – we sit down way too much. We need to move more for our health and quality of life.

Writing – maybe not for everyone, but writing for self care has made a huge impact in my life.

Stop Bad Habits start Good ones A little help for your journey.

Learn to Love Yourself. This is where it all begins.

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