Drink green juice to up your anti oxidants and avoid oxidative stress

Oxidative Stress is a condition which can occur in the  body and may lead to numerous diseases. It’s not a coincidence that they just happen to be the lifestyle diseases that seem to be plagueing the western world in epidemic proportions. With this in mind, it’s obviously a good idea to do everything we can to avoid it, so today we’re looking at how to avoid oxidative stress to help avoid lifestyle disease.

It’s around a 3 minute read. Here’s a brief summary.

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Negative Effects of Oxidative Stress

Listed below are some of the health conditions oxidative stress can lead to:-

Oxidative stress has also been linked with:-

The Science Bit

Oxidative Stress in the body is caused by an imbalance between free radicals and anti-oxidants.  When working properly free radicals fight off pathogens which cause infection but they  can cause harm if levels get too high in your body.

 Unfortunately, there are free radicals in our environment: ozone, smoking, pesticides (hence why we should try to eat organic), cleaning fluids, pollution and radiation. 

When free radicals are not kept in check by anti-oxidants there is an imbalance leading to oxidative stress in the body which can then lead to disease.

In a Nutshell

We have to ensure we are eating enough anti-oxidants and minimising our exposure to free radicals in order to avoid oxidative stress the negative medical consequences that can cause.

cherries rich in anti oxidants avoid oxidative stress

Eating to Avoid Oxidative Stress – Up Your AntiOxidants

Important Note:-

Some anti-oxidants are destroyed either completely or notably reduced in the cooking process. Eat your foods rich in anti-oxidants raw wherever possible and when it’s appropriate to do so.

There are some notable exceptions to this though.  Studies have shown that the anti-oxidants in both tomatoes and carrots increase and become more available for the body to utilise after being cooked.  Which is good news for all the soups, stews, casseroles and curry lovers out there. 

Studies have suggested that anti-oxidant supplements are ineffective and may even be toxic and cause oxidative stress.  You need to get your anti-oxidants from whole food sources. Click to read more.

All fresh fruit and vegetables contain anti-oxidants.  Different colours contain different nutrition and different anti-oxidants with different health benefits so its a really good idea to eat the rainbow,  eat as many colours as you can.   

All whole foods contain anti-oxidants, some are just better sources than others.

Food Especially Rich in Anti-Oxidants

Other Foods Rich in  Anti-Oxidants

Other healthy lifestyle choices that can reduce Oxidative Stress

sauerkraut up your antioxidants to avoid lifestyle disease

Top Tips for Avoiding Oxidative Stress

  1. Make your health a priority.
  2. Eat lots of your produce raw.
  3. Make fermented foods like Sauerkraut. Fermenting foods makes the nutrients like antioxidants even more available to our bodies.
  4. Green Juice daily – easy to consume, sheer volume of  different raw produce.
  5. Green smoothie daily – delicious and can be packed with anti-oxidant rich raw whole foods.

Click links below for further information and recipes for the above top tips.

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