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‘Because you Deserve It’ is a phrase we hear a lot of nowadays in social media and advertising. Our friends might also tells us this or we might even tell it to ourselves, ‘I deserve it’ that’s how deeply entrenched it is in our psyches. I have to admit, I’ve used it. It’s a very useful tool to use as justification for just about anything. Lets dive deeper:

Heres a brief outline of what we are looking at, it’s about a 3.5 minute read.

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What do You Deserve?

‘You deserve it’ is a very clever marketing ploy, tempting you to give in to your desires against your better judgement. Perhaps buying something you can’t really afford, sshh 🤫 or it’s used to justify naughty behaviour… eating that extra piece of chocolate cake, sinking back that bottle of red on a Tuesday, putting your feet up (with a glass of wine) and ordering a pizza…

girl eating junk food, eating doughnuts

It’s very persuasive. The opposite of ‘you deserve it‘ is ‘you don’t deserve it‘, and thats strong isn’t it? Nobody wants to be told they don’t deserve the things they want.

So what is it that you have done to deserve the naughtiness…the ‘treats’?

Why do you deserve it?

Most commonly, the reason you deserve it is that you’ve been at work all day/week or you’ve looked after the kids all day/week (1). You’ve worked your butt off and you’re knackered!

(1) Note: It used to be an all week thing, you’ve worked hard all week you deserve to relax, kick back, eat, drink and be merry, it’s the weekend. It now seems to be a daily thing, you worked hard all day, have a drink, relax, sit back, phone in for food, eat drink and be merry, it’s the evening, it’s wine o’clock.

I get it. Even just getting to work nowadays is an absolute nightmare, be it public transport or driving, the commute in itself. It’s draining. Then you have to work in a corporate world that seems to care less and less about its workforce. It’s almost unbearable.

As for bringing up children as a full time job, anyone who has done this will know it’s one of the hardest jobs in the world. Non stop hours, and the ultimate in responsibility.

What is IT

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So yes I get it and agree, you do deserve something after working so hard.

But what is the ‘IT’ that we deserve.
What is ‘IT’
‘IT’ = What?

Surely something nice… to feel amazing, life long happiness perhaps, great health forever, world peace

That would be worth it, we would definitely deserve that , but no unfortunately not.

Advertisers don’t sell wine or food or cigarettes…they sell lifestyles, they sell sexy, they sell easy , they sell glamorous, they sell dreams and promises.

They sell the happiness that comes from taking the easy route, the glass of wine, the easy meal…

But this is instant gratification, these are in the moment rewards and they are fleeting. If given in to frequently, as is commonly the case nowadays, they have horrible consequences. Conseqences you definitely do not deserve after all your hard work.

‘It’ = unhealthy body and mind, inability to work effectively, detrimental affects on your physical appearance, weight issues, hangovers, indigestion and ultimately more serious disease.

‘It’ = Instant, in the moment happiness and gratification at the expense of genuine, long lasting happiness.

woman drinking too much red wine

Is ‘it’ worth having


You work hard. You deserve lifelong, deep and meaningful happiness that stems from a strong and healthy mind, body and soul.

Don’t fall for false advertising, don’t fall for meaningless memes on social media that you know are just there to lull you into clever marketing ploys.

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