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Lets face it, we all want to be starting good habits, stopping bad habits and sticking to it.

We all want to replace bad lifestyle choices with healthy ones. Who wouldn’t? It’s a no brainer.

Regardless of our age we still want to be enjoying our lives to the full, looking mighty fine and feeling it.

So what’s stopping you?

Why aren’t we all springing around like..

fit, healthy 🐼??? What…

That’s better😬!!!


Why can’t we just do it?

Let’s have a look.

This isn’t an all singing all dancing, everything you ever needed to know guide about habit making and breaking.

It’s a focused insight into some major factor’s that are stopping you being successful.

As always, knowledge is power, awareness is key. Both can help us get the results we deserve.

3 Major Reasons we fail at starting good habits and stopping bad habits:

  1. Never getting started
  2. Yes to the end goal but nah to the path
  3. You keep falling off the wagon
  1. Never Getting Started

To start a healthy habit or stop an unhealthy one we decide on a start date. It’s always in the future!

  • Yes I will start being good tomorrow.
  • I will stop smoking next week when I have less stress.
  • It will be easier for me to concentrate on getting fit and healthy next month when I will be less busy at work or when my son has started at scouts or whatever…

Our excuses reasons are endless.

We should really congratulate ourselves on our creativity.

You put things off until you fool yourself perceive the time to be ripe, everything will be perfect, the moons will all align and then, you think, I can finally start being good.

But, In truth this never actually happens. Life ticks on and something else turns up that stuffs up your plans for that perfect moment to start.

The truth is Tomorrow Never Comes.

It’s all a very clever ploy that our mind tells us in order to stay in its comfort zone and avoid the change we are trying to make.

We should give ourselves an award for best at self sabotaging our own goals.

You have comforted yourself in the knowledge that you will start this much needed project in your life. You have told yourself that it is going to happen. Just not right now. So you feel good about yourself knowing that you will solve this issue soon.

In truth though it never happens, it just keeps being delayed and put forward and postponed. Before you know it, 20 years have passed and you are still smoking, still overweight, still not fit, still eating trash, still drinking too much alcohol…

2. Yes to the end goal but nah to the path

The body, your mind, the brain…whichever is the part of you that makes the important decisions re your wellness. Its pretty lazy, and prefers what it knows.

It’s comfortable in its routine and does not relish the thought of change. It doesn’t fancy the discomfort needed for an upgraded lifestyle.

In actuality, that part of us doesn’t really want to the make the change.

It wants the benefits, the end goal, the dream but it doesn’t want to put in the work it takes to get there.

Its comfortable where it is thank you very much and is employing avoidance tactics. Hence the very clever I will start tomorrow tactic.

It also uses another self sabotaging tactic which appears when we have actually managed to start or stop a habit.

I will start again tomorrow.

Which leads us to …

3. You Keep Falling Off the Wagon

Let’s say you finally found a today and did make a start on that goal you really want, that benefit you really desire. But now you keep cheating, falling off the wagon and saying it’s ok I will start again tomorrow.

  • I can cheat now and start again tomorrow.
  • Im so stressed I can have a ciggy now and start stopping again tomorrow.
  • I will skip my workout today and get back in to the flow tomorrow.
  • I will start up my healthy eating plan again tomorrow.

In a way this is ok. Stopping and starting new habits is hard. Upgrading your lifestyle is difficult. It is a journey and as the old cliche goes it’s the journey that matters. You will learn and improve along the way. Never give up trying, every millimetre closer is a step in the right direction.


I think it’s easy to fall into a trap where you aren’t really trying. Your just very conveniently using the tomorrow excuse again and again and it’s not doing you any favours.

If you cheat too much, if there are too many tomorrows, you won’t be reaching your goals. You won’t be getting anywhere. You’ll be in the worst possible place. Half trying, half putting in the work, but going nowhere fast and not reaping the benefits.

The Tomorrow Cycle

This cycle will continue until you see it clearly for what it is and put a stop to it.
You are self sabotaging your own goals, your own health, your own future, your own happiness, your own life…

Today, now ,this second…

No matter how small the step towards your goal it has to be today. That may just be as small as starting to make a plan but do something!

If you have to or want to loose weight, stop smoking, quit junk food, get fit, eat healthy etc etc decide that it will happen today or this minute, this second, just now.

  • Just now, right at this moment, I will not light that cigarette.
  • Tonight just for tonight I won’t drink that glass of wine.
  • Right now I won’t eat that chocolate bar
  • Today I will not eat junk food
  • Today , just for today I will not smoke
  • Today I will take one small step towards my fitness goals by doing a 10 minute walk.

The point is to decide to do it now, in this moment, today.

Just be good today.

Tomorrow can be decided tomorrow.

After all tomorrow will eventually be today and today we are going to be bad ass and achieve our goals right!!!

There is no such thing as the perfect time to start or stop habits. Your life will never stop giving you reasons, obstacles and excuses.

This will never end!

You have to make your goals fit into your lifestyle or make changes to your current lifestyle to fit your goals. Here’s some quick tips.

Practical tips: starting good habits, stopping bad habits

  • Work from the inside out
  • Step by step
  • Be realistic
  • Use short time slots
  • Track your progress
  • Use a toolbox of healthy replacements
  • Get accountability
  • Make a plan
  • Make it fun

And last but definitely not least…

Persistence not Perfection

I help women switch to an amazingly healthy lifestyle that they love with my online coaching programme Healthy and Loving It. Click the picture below for more details.

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I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and questions in the comments section below.

Learning to love yourself is an amazingly healthy goal. It will bring you health, vitality and happiness. It will help you to fulfill your full potential. Learning to love yourself will help you re-find you and that’s where your real power lies!

This subject is huge, whole books are written on it. This post is merely scratching the surface.

The point is to get you thinking about it and possibly taking a few steps in the right direction.

Knowledge is power. Awareness is key. Only when you are aware of something can you begin to work on it, change, and improve.

The subject of self love is well worth your time.


Because true and genuine self love is powerful beyond measure. If you truly love yourself you are invincible. There is nothing that you cannot do or achieve. We all have greatness in us we just have to believe in ourselves, wholeheartedly, to tap into it. That’s the power of self love.

There are basically 2 sides to learning to love yourself:

  1. The psychological side: Changing and improving your mindset. How you think, feel and talk about yourself.
  2. The practical side: Changing and improving how you look after yourself. Body, mind and Soul.

Both are interconnected. So improving one will automatically improve the other.

Altering our mindset is much deeper and harder to achieve. We have to breakthrough years and decades worth of learned behaviour and thought patterns, much of it from our childhood. Depending on your own personal life you may need a professional therapist to help you with this.

I don’t want you to think about rushing towards some end goal. It’s the journey that matters. That’s truly where the enjoyment, learning and satisfaction lies.

It’s a lifetimes work really but every step closer is a victory. For every step you take towards deeply and truly loving yourself you will be a little bit happier and more contented.

I’m not talking about loving yourself in the narcissistic, vain way where you constantly admire yourself in the mirror and only thinking of yourself and how you look.


This doesn’t mean that you will be perfect or think of yourself as perfect. You will learn to accept and love your ‘flaws and imperfections’ as an integral and necessary part of your unique self.

Nor does it mean that you will live in a Disney like existence where everything is perfect and you are always joyful and bright. You will accept that life has its ups and downs and that so do you.

I’m talking about including yourself in your own circle of love. Being your own BFF Best friend forever , after all, let’s face it , your stuck with yourself… forever. You may as well make peace with it and get on with yourself…

I mean treating yourself the way you treat your most cherished people, like your own children, your best friends, your partner.

Most of us treat ourselves much worse than we treat these important people in our lives.

We abuse ourselves terribly:

  • Trash talking ourselves
  • Judging ourselves harshly
  • Being dismissive of ourselves
  • Putting ourselves and our needs last
  • We have expectations of ourselves we would never demand of our friends and family

This has to stop!

This falls into the deeper, psychological , mindset reset side of learning self love. It’s roots are entrenched in our culture, our childhoods , our personal circumstances…hard to master, needs chipping away at, but not impossible and worth the effort.

The practical side of self love is easier to master:

Self Love = prioritising your own health and wellbeing.

but we still often neglect it:

  • Failing to feed ourselves properly and in fact loading up on poisons and junk
  • Lack of physical excercise
  • Bad habits and addictions
  • Not prioritising our sleep and not understanding its importance
  • Not taking time to relax, unwind, de stress and just be.
  • Neglecting playtime
  • Not spending enough quality time with family, friends and fellow human beings. We all need human connection
  • Not spending time outside in nature

In comparison, ask yourself honestly how would you treat your past self, the child that was you. Your inner child. If you had to look after her right now. What would you feed her, how would you talk to her, what would you encourage her to do and not to do?

The answer to that question should tell you exactly how you should be caring for yourself.

It’s not too late you can look after her now!

Can you tell me one valid reason why you are less important than everyone else?

No I thought not…

So what you really need to do is prioritise your own health and wellbeing on every level. Not just the body but the mind and soul as well. All need to be thriving for you to be healthy. All are interconnected. Only by nourishing, cherishing and nurturing yourself will you ever be truly happy, healthy and contented and be able to reach your full potential.

Self love in practice

I’ve covered foods that properly nourish your body here in my blog post Food List and there are some delicious and nutritious recipes in this one. My blog post healthy habits is a fantastic resource with suggestions on different ways we can nurture and care for our whole selves with exercise, relaxation, sleep, nature, play etc etc, Give it a read. Special mention to yoga which manages to tick all 3 boxes of caring for your body, mind and soul. My personal favourites is Ashtanga Yoga.

If I can do it so can you!

I didn’t always look after and care for myself properly, in fact I had som seriously bad habits. Click here to read about my lifestyle reset and journey to amazing health.

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Let Food be Thy Medicine
And Medicine be Thy Food’

An interesting quote by the first ever physician. (1)

This week I’m having a bit of a rant about the crap food we’re fed in more ways than one. I’m talking about the idea of food as a prevention and cure for disease and also the fact that our modern day ‘food’ is causing disease. I don’t want to loose the passion I feel about the subject and its urgency by over organising it, so it is what it is. It’s about a 5 minute read.

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I believe, as do many doctors, scientists , dieticians etc that many of our modern day diseases for example: IBS, Acid reflux, digestive problems, diabetes, some heart problems and some cancers -are directly related to poor diet and lifestyle and can be prevented, managed and even cured by making the right diet and lifestyle choices.

Acid RefluxA Natural Cure that worked for Me

That’s where my journey into amazing health began, with acid reflux. The medication the doctor prescribed me (Omeprazole, a PPI) wasn’t helping at all… I quit taking these alongside a radical change of diet which quite literally ‘cured’ my acid reflux overnight. (to see what I ate/eat click here) Or to put it another way, the horrible symptoms disappeared, never to return. As long as I maintain my healthy diet my acid reflux is non existent and I have never taken the medication since.

If your struggling with acid reflux I implore you to give it a go. It changed my life overnight and after all it’s only a change to healthy eating. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain (Click here to see the many benefits I have enjoyed with my new diet and lifestyle choices).

These kinds of afflictions can really weigh us down and have a massive detrimental effect to our quality of life. Often leading to depression which further undermines our happiness and wellbeing.

There are many doctors who strongly support lifestyle changes over medication for many of these types of condition.

One such doctor is Dr Rangan Chatterjee, famous for his tv show Doctor in the House amongst many other projects. He has released books and appeared on radio shows and podcasts to discuss this very subject. Notably, his natural health book released in the UK as ”The Four Pillars Plan” was released in America as “How to Make Disease Disappear” here is a link to his Wikipedia entry


It astounds me when people mock the idea that our food has the power to prevent us getting sick and even to heal us. Its simple common knowledge and common sense. For example, We all know that back in the day sailors were given citrus fruit to prevent and cure scurvy. We now know that it was the lack of vitamin C that caused them the disease. Originally of course they didn’t know why it worked they just knew it worked and so it was given to them as a solution to the problem.

Thats important, despite the fact that they didn’t understand it, they still took it on board and administered it.

Notably they didn’t say ok ya well we don’t have enough physical proof , the evidence is merely anecdotal blardy blah, and your all nutters for even suggesting it. No they just took the flippin lime juice and solved the problem.

After all it’s only limes.!

Whats wrong with us anyway , why is everyone so angry about the thought that food can prevent illness?

Is it because they’re scared they might have to give up their sugar?

Dont scoff just because you don’t understand it. Nobody is denying science and it’s importance, but science has some catching up to do. What worries me is who is going to pay for the catching up.

Poor Diet causes Disease and Illness

FACT – if your body is not being fed the correct amount of nutrients it will suffer, sooner or later, from dis-ease. True or not?

Why then, when we mostly eat crap are we surprised when we get sick? And then why do we then prefer to take medicine (drugs) to deal with cover up the symptoms rather than addressing the core problem which is poor dietary choices.

Why do we do this. Just how addictive is the stuff we are eating that we would do this to ourselves.

Real food is nutritious, it feeds our bodies, it oils our natural processes, it maintains all our systems. In short, it keeps us alive and well.

A diet of processed food does none of the above. It’s not really food being mostly devoid of nutrients and full of chemicals and other nasties. In fact we are damaging our body by eating this crap, not feeding it.

Processed food is designed to be addictive so that you crave more and more and more (and buy more and more and more = big profits) and eat more and more and more but yet it never seems to fill you up! This can cause obesity and therefore weight related health problems as well.

Most people eat processed food because they are too busy to cook proper food but take a moment and think about that. Have you got time to be well. Have you got time not to be well? Ok I get it, you’re busy, life is busy. But what’s more important than you being well? Don’t be the one that only appreciates the gift of being healthy when it’s too late.

You have to make time to eat proper food as if your life depends on it…because it does…

Prevention is better than cure

Look, if you are really sick , with a serious illness you have to go to your doctor, because it’s probably too late in the game to use food and natural therapy. Science needs to catch up fast so that we know how to cure as well as prevent but we’re not there yet for many things.

Although natural alternatives may work it’s too dodgy to mess around with your health. We don’t know enough yet. But, there is nothing wrong with revolutionising your lifestyle choices AND taking your doctors advice. A two pronged attack.

Less serious dis-ease and illness though, I would have a go at a diet and lifestyle reset first. You’ve got nothing to loose and everything to gain. ( read my post about the many benefits I have enjoyed with mine) This is about taking control of your life and taking responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

For the love of God don’t just take the tablets then carry on with the lifestyle that caused you the dis-ease in the first place!

Just keep taking the tablets and stuff that makes us sicker and sicker😔 and you won’t be alright in the morning ever.

It reminds me of Dr McCoy in one of the Star Trek movies. He has traveled back in time (to our time) and is horrified to find that the medical practices being used are ‘barbarian’. Imagine what future generations will think of our pumping our bodies full of poison in the name of curing an illness that could have been totally avoided by making the right choices in the first place…

They will think how did these people thrive under these conditions. Well, the truth is, many of us don’t thrive, we just live or even worse still we are merely existing.


I predict that more and more of the truth about our ’food’ will be drip fed to us over the next 5-10 years.

We can already see it happening. In October 2015 the World Health Organisation announced that processed meats such as bacon and ham were a class 1 carcinogen. That means it does cause cancer, just the same as smoking causes cancer. ( with a lower percentage risk rate). Have a read about it in this article by the Guardian.

Soft drinks were also under fire this month, September 2019, when the public were urged to drink water instead. A massive scientific study has found a higher risk of early death linked with both sugary and artificially sweetened soft drinks. The sugary ones most linked with digestive issues (like liver disease) and the artificially sweetened ones with cardiovascular disease. Read a balanced article about if here by The Guardian.

Also, watch out for food industry trying to jump onboard the wellness wagon. You will be offered magical wonder drinks and foods that are 100% healthy except they won’t be. They’ll be full of additives because they have to be for shelf life. The food industry’s number one priority is profit not your health. They will try to make profit out of an unhealthy situation that they themselves created. It’s up to you but I wouldn’t trust them!

The Good News

There are no shortcuts, no hacks, no miracle cures, no healthy foods in a packet, no getting away from the truth. We as human beings have to eat proper food and we have to avoid ingesting poisons as much as we possibly can. If we do this we give ourselves the best chance of leading long, happy, healthy lives. Just by doing this one simple thing. Eating real food.

Isn’t this the most fantastic news!

(1) (although there does seem to be some doubt as to whether Hippocrates even said this or not)

My online coaching programme Healthy and Loving It is a new approach. It’s all about eating and lifestyle changes to avoid ill health, looking your absolute best and living your happiest and healthiest life. We tackle the resets needed to make it happen and stick. Click picture below to find out more.

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we are all amazing
We are all amazing, just the way we are!

Healthy is the new skinny. It has to be! It’s one of those things that seems so obvious I shouldn’t even have to write about it. But sometimes writing it down or reading it out loud just strikes home the reality punch we need.

I don’t know about you but Im sick of being hit with totally unrealistic media images telling us what to look like. Telling us that we must conform to a certain body image (skinny) to be cool, beautiful, successful…

You may think you have this sussed, that it doesn’t affect you. But we shouldn’t underestimate the power of the media and the warped views they give us on how we should look.

In fact, how many people out there are starting on a new diet today? Millions I bet. Are you one of them?

Chasing Skinny – The Crazy Truth

Back in the day when I was a teenager in the 80s, it was fashionable to have skinny legs and a tiny, little, peachy bum. What I had was ‘thunder thighs’ and a pretty big pear type bum. 😎

When we did PE (Physical Education) at my school, we wore gym pants instead of shorts. An unfortunate thing for me! We did have a choice but they were what everyone was wearing so of course my 13 year old self chose them.

They were exactly as they sound, just a pair of pants. 2 of my 4 butt cheeks hung out of them. A fact that didn’t escape the guys, who teased me mercilessly.

‘Hey Shona your bums winking at me’,

‘Wee Bogey’, who was a cheeky little git but got away with it, came up behind me on the school running track one day and shouted

‘Hey Shona, your bum looks like an oscillation’??? (Yeah, I had to look that up too😬) On reflection a very polite insult for a Scottish person.

I was mortified!

I’d have done well today with the whole Kardashian led craze for big bums but back then not so much.

I tried and tried to get that ‘fashionable’ look. Suffering the pangs of starvation as I battled with every diet out there. I puffed and panted my way through every fitness craze. It was in the days of Jane Fonda and the invention of lycra (not a great look for old thunder thighs)

I remember my first aerobics class, it was in a seedy old disco in town and it was rammed full of sweaty bodies. Of course I thought they were all skinnier than me…and better at the aerobics. 😔sigh😔.

It was torture.

The whole thing was mission impossible. For a start the ‘dieting’ didn’t work. I was yo-yoing all over the place. I lost weight, put it on, lost weight, put it on. It didn’t matter. The thunder thighs and big butt remained even during the ‘skinny’ times.

The problem was, my goals were unrealistic for me. I was fighting against my genes. The thighs and bum were ‘what my mama gave me’. The only way I could have got rid of this genetic gift would be to starve all the fat off myself. The only way to reach my goal was to make myself ill. Luckily I never went there.

As an aside, I don’t think much has changed for our younger women. In fact I think with the added pressure of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery, social media and photo filtering, it may be worse. I feel so sorry for them.

Sammy, the 400 year old Sammand tree, stands on a former slave driven sugar plantation in St Kitts, The Carribean.
I love its message, we can all learn from it.

As we get older and wiser

Of course we still have the same genes as we get older. But…hopefully by now we have a level of acceptance of ourselves and all our bits, maybe even a bit of pride… My ‘thunder thighs’ are strong and powerful and really help me with my dance, yoga, and just generally give me practical, physical strength. I’m very grateful to have them.

And hey, Im proud of my big bum but now apparently its fashionable, thanks Kim. And it seems that having a bit of meat around the posterior region is and always has been sexy to lots of people!!!! who knew. The point is, if you love yourself and the way you look, who’s going to argue.

Healthy has got to be the New Skinny why?

Genes Matter-You can go on all the diets in the world and be a goddess champion of fitness but you can’t beat your genes. Unrealistic goals of ‘skinnyness’ will never be achieved unless your natural body type allows it. The truth – Learn to love your natural self and make the best of what you’ve got. Choose healthy not skinny!

Media sucks-What a pile of crap. Why should I, we, be slaves to what other people, the media, think of as beauty. They churn out unrealistic images that are genetically impossible for us to reach. The fact that they airbrush to make them even more extreme and unrealistic really pisses me off.

The images they hold up as the epitome of beauty are also subject to fashion trends which makes the whole thing even more farcical. The Truth – We can never live up to their fantasy images. If you happen to be naturally ‘skinny’ then that look is healthy for you. For everyone else, just forget it. Choose healthy not skinny!

Diets dont work anyway – If you are just chasing skinny, i.e. changing what you eat soley to loose weight, it’s destined to fail. Deep down you know diets don’t work. They only work for the lifetime of the diet. As soon as you go back to your normal lifestyle the weight goes back on. We all know this, we’ve been there. The truth of this is undeniable.

Yo yo dieting is very real. We really do put on and loose the same stone or 5 kgs or whatever your personal number is, over and over again. What a pointless waste of time.

To learn more about why diets don’t work read this blog post from Psychologytoday.com

Healthy not Skinny I’m certainly not suggesting we should all be overweight either. The truth is we should be chasing healthy. We should be striving to be our best selves, not blindly chasing ideals that are held up to us by people who are only there to take our money.

Chasing healthy

Just one goal but with so many benefits. One of which is

Losing Weight

Yes, if you are overweight, a huge benefit of getting healthy is that you will loose weight. naturally and effortlessly. (Or gain it if you are underweight). Chasing healthy is the best way to reach your naturally healthy weight. What that looks like is very different from person to person.

But the weight control is just one of many benefits.

I began chasing healthy over 8 years ago and I’ve never looked back. I feel amazing and I think I look better now in my 50’s than I ever did in my 30’s. You can read about how I did it and the many benefits here.

If I can do it so can you!

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Why you should eat more raw for amazing health

Why Should you be eating more raw?…Well we all know we should be eating more fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds but I’d recommend taking that one step further because many of the amazing benefits of these whole foods depend on them being eaten in their natural, raw state.

And the benefits are so worth it…

Let’s take a look!

1. You will look amazing

Eating raw will give you The Raw Look: a natural healthy beauty, glowing, radiant complexion, sparkling eyes that are full of life. I can recognise it a mile off in people.

This look is simply a reflection of your healthy insides. No amount of money can buy this look, no surgery or aesthetic injections. You have to do it the natural way by eating raw. It is Healthy Beauty from the inside out.

why you should be eating more raw

2. Helps maintain a healthy weight

Raw fruit and vegetables are very low in calories, raw nuts and seeds are very high in calories. Both will help with weight control!


Fruit and veg– when eaten raw are bulky, big and fibrous, meaning they fill you up big style. They are also very low in calories. This is a Win win situation if you are trying to loose or maintain your weight. If you are full then you’re not eating anything else and nobody likes to feel hungry.

Nuts and seeds- the high levels of healthy fats in nuts and seeds makes them high in calories. But it also makes them incredibly satiating. They keep you feeling so satisfied and full for a long time which is excellent for weight control.

With the right preparation raw nuts and seeds are life changers. They can be the difference between constant yo yo dieting and effortless weight control. The difference between healthy snacks treats and absolute junk. For more on preparing nuts and seeds as amazingly healthy treats and snacks click here and here.

As an extra benefit raw vegetables, unlike cooked, retain their natural sugars meaning some are really quite sweet such as carrots, mangetoute, red peppers . This helps curtail a sweet tooth or in a other words you don’t crave a sweet after your main course as much.

When you eat whole food, including raw produce, your body is nourished. It knows it has eaten and sends signals of satisfaction to your brain. This is the reverse of what happens when you eat junk. Your body doesn’t recognise this as food ( because it isn’t) and therefore demands more nourishment that means it demands you to eat and eat and eat and eat until it gets the nourishment it NEEDS.

Do you recognise this spiral of over eating? then Click here to read my blog post Reset Your Tastebuds Quit Processed Food.

3. It’s alive! (The science bit)

Raw produce retains all of its nutrients, natural enzymes and anti-oxidants. You know those things we all need to stay healthy and thriving. Cooking and heating over a certain temperature (40-48 degrees celsius) destroys many of them.

If you are eating raw your body is smugly lapping it up. It’s loving it. (A bit like the trees after it rains😁 ). It’s living it’s best life just because you have fed it what it desperately wants and needs.

eat food thats alive for health

4. It makes you feel amazing

This goes back to the science bit. Your body has needs. Needs that are met by eating food that’s alive and it will thrive on this. Meaning not only will you be looking your best but you will also be feeling it.

On a personal note in the last 8 years since I reset my lifestyle:-

  • I’ve not had a common cold or flu
  • I never have headaches
  • I have zero digestive issues in fact my acid reflux symptoms have completely disappeared.
  • In short, I have a fully functioning immune system that really has my back…

It’s not just that you don’t get sick it’s also just that feeling of aliveness… energy and zest for life.

5. It’s Fast

Just chop or peel and chop and your good. No slaving over hot stove, no waiting time no faffing around with sauces or mashers. Chuck on plate and eat. Yummy.

6. Produce tastes better raw

Im sorry (not sorry) but it does. It’s juicy , refreshing , full of water and flavour and well…life! That’s my only way to explain it. That’s my opinion, if you try it for all the great reasons above I’m confident your tastebuds will change and you will agree with me😁

jerry mouse,  yummy in my tummy

Anyway, kids much prefer raw vegetables and that proves it. It’s probably the natural sugars in the veg. they enjoy but that’s besides the point.😂

So I’m sure you agree these are great reasons for eating more raw alongside a healthy balanced diet. I eat a nourishing and balanced whole food diet. Click here to see what I eat and recommend for a healthy diet.

It’s not just food that nourishes me, to see the supporting healthy habits that enhance my lifestyle click here

Around 8 years ago I reset my lifestyle from incredibly unhealthy to Amazingly Healthy and I’m never going back because I’m loving my new healthy lifestyle. If I can do it so can you!

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bone broth for health and good looks

Bone broth is currently very trendy as a superfood but don’t let that put you off,  it’s been around since pre historic times. It’s the liquid made from slow simmering of bones and connective tissue of animals, poultry or fish. It’s cheap, tasty and easy to make. You’re about to find out why Bone Broth is a fountain of health and youth and why you have to find a way to get it into your life.  

Health Benefits of Bone Broth

Research is ongoing but there is plenty of  evidence that eating  bone broth regularly can play a vital role in keeping the  whole body healthy. 

 All bone broths are nutritious, the exact nutritional profile depends on the animal or fish used. What they all have in common is that because all the nutrients  are simmered into the broth they are delivered in a form which is easily used by the body.  

bone broth healthy

Many of the nutrients found in bone broth are nutrients most people are lacking making it especially important.

  1. It contains lots of important vitamins, minerals, amino acids and  essential fatty acids.  Bone broth is especially rich in  minerals that build and strengthen bones.
  2. Benefits the digestive system.  The gelatin in bone broth supports healthy digestion. Scientists are increasingly finding that overall health depends heavily on digestive and gut health.  Those with digestive disorders like leaky gut syndrome, IBS, acid reflux or any other digestive disorder may find it helps relieve symptoms. 
  3. Helps fight inflammation.  The amino acids in bone broth help fight inflammation.  Chronic  Inflammation is behind many diseases and illnesses and is also connected with obesity.
  4. Joints health.  The amino acids in bone broth are known to support joint health.  It may help lessen arthritis symptoms. 
  5. Supports Weight Loss.  Bone broth is low in calories but the  gelatine in it makes you feel full up.
  6. Improve’s sleep and brain function.  The amino acid, Glycene, found in bone broth makes you feel relaxed.
  7. The high collagen content in bone broth may have anti ageing effects on the skin such as improving its elasticity and reducing wrinkles.

How to Make Bone Broth

  1. Put bones in a large pot and fill with as much water as fits the pan comfortably.
  2. Put in a tablespoon or two of Vinegar
  3. Bring to the boil then put a lid on and turn to lowest simmer.

Cooking Times

Beef, Lamb – 2 days (add carrots onions and celery after 1 days cooking)

Chicken – 8-12 hours (can add carrots, onions and celery at the start)

Fish – 4-8 hours (can add carrots, onions and celery at the start)

bone broth anti ageing

How to Eat Bone Broth

If you go to good restaurants and enjoy eating their excellent tasty food, you can bet on it that they are using their own ‘in house’ made  broth to flavour most of their dishes.  The broth is often the secret ingredient.

You can use bone broth in anything and everything that requires a stock.  It is the premium  stock you can possibly use  in terms of flavour, nutritional value and health benefits. .  

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Just drink it as a broth.
  • Cook your wholegrain in it.
  • Make soup out of it. 
  • Use it for casseroles. 
  • Stews. 
  • Curries. 
  • Sauces. 
  • Gravy.

Make and consume when you can.  A portion of one cup per day is thought to be perfect for maximum health benefits. 

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Article on benefits of broth by The Evening Standard

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how to eat healthy

You know what to do to get healthy or to lose weight but are you actually doing it? You’ve read all the health blogs and books or maybe you follow a health influencer. You’ve bought all the gear to work out, you’re kitchen cupboards are rammed full of healthy foods and you’re going to start on Monday, that means you can enjoy the weekend then have a fresh start. But then somehow Monday never comes….

…Or Perhaps, you do get started on your amazing health journey but then for some reason at some point it stopped, you can’t really remember how or why, or perhaps you can, but you wonder why it stopped you because in hindsight it doesn’t seem such a valid reason for quitting as it did at the time…

This story is so familiar right? It’s everyones story, we’ve all been there.

It’s true that most of us have a good idea how to get healthy or lose weight but we’re not doing it!.

If we actually followed through with what we already know we’d all be cavorting around as a super healthy species looking our best… looking amazing…feeling amazing. Lifestyle illness and obesity would be scarce if not eradicated.

If we all want to get healthy and look our best, and we already know what to do…then why isn’t it happening?

get healthy lose weight

Getting Healthy or Losing Weight

I say getting healthy OR losing weight but really they are one and the same thing to me. If you get healthy you will lose weight if you have weight to lose. You will also gain weight if you have weight to gain. You’re body will reach it’s healthy weight naturally.

Losing weight should always be part of a bigger picture of getting healthy. It’s crazy to even consider unhealthy practices in order to lose weight. Presumably if you want to lose weight it’s because you want to look better and feel better. but you’re not going to look better if you’re unhealthy and your certainly not going to feel better.

Effortless weight control is just one of the many benefits of being healthy.

Getting Started

I believe that one of the biggest stumbling blocks is simply just actually getting started. We always seem to put things off until that perfect moment. You know the drill.

  • I’ll start later, on Monday. that way I can enjoy the weekend first and then make a fresh start.
  • I’ll start next week because I won’t have as much work on then.
  • I’ll start next year because I’ll have been one year off the cigarettes by then so I’ll have got over that and be ready to tackle a new challenge.

.and so on…The ‘reasons’ we come up with to put off our healthy journeys are endless…this is a huge problem because before you know it you’ve just spent you’re whole life waiting for the perfect time to start getting healthy meaning you’ve lived your whole life unhealthy

This kind of thinking is flawed from the outset because getting healthy should be a new way of life. A new way of life that has to be capable of absorbing all the realities of your life.

What do I mean? I mean you can’t wait until the perfect time to start your new lifestyle…you can’t wait until your life is perfect to start your new lifestyle because your life will never be perfect. There will never be a perfect time, it won’t come, it won’t happen. Something else will always come along to scupper your plans…That is life!

Life is not perfect, it has ups and downs, obstacles and hurdles, things get in the way and shit happens, you get a new job, a date, an illness, a crisis…

Your new lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle fits in with this truth. Because in truth you healthy lifestyle will not be 100% healthy it will simply be mostly healthy

Take the first step, take action NOW. Don’t wait until perfect, it will never come!

how to get healthy

Persistence not Perfection

The truth is, living the dream of an amazingly healthy life is not about perfection it’s about persistence.

Persistence refers to perseverance in spite of fatigue or frustration

Quoted from Wikipedia.

Persistence not perfection means being gentle on yourself… you are human…allow and allow for your ‘mistakes’ your ‘falls from the wagon’ your humanity… but at the same time you do want to be healthy, you do what it takes and you keep on doing it, despite setbacks, despite hurdles, despite hardships, despite LIFE…You keep getting back on the horse.

At Healthy and Loving It (my online course) we recommend that you’re doing what it takes for amazing health 85% of the time and doing this persistently.

Persistence not Perfection. Live the 85% rule

Motivation burn out

The truth is motivation only gets you so far. It can get you started and along the way but for effortless health and weight control…for lifelong health…to be healthy forever, you need something different than motivation.

You have to start enjoying your new lifestyle, you have to be happy with it…you have to love it. You can’t be spending your whole life hankering after all the things you want and can’t have. You have to get to the stage where you want the healthy stuff not the unhealthy stuff.

You need to find healthy AND happy…you need to be Healthy AND Loving It.

getting healthy losing weight forever


And of course there is the confusion of all the conflicting opinions out there. I started off this post by saying most people know what to do and I think deep down they do despite the conflicting opinions out there. We might get confused if, for example, we’re desperate to lose weight and we end up trying out some fad diets but deep down we know this isn’t permanent and we know it isn’t healthy.

Here at Amazingly Healthy Life and on the Healthy and Loving It online coaching programme we believe in wholesome, nourishing food. Click here for a more in depth look at what we recommend to eat It’s just honest, back to basics eating.

Don ‘t Dream the Dream Live It!

We’ve looked at some of the main reasons why, despite our knowing what to do to get healthy or lose weight, we don’t actually do it. Knowing and understanding these can help us do what it takes to start taking action and living the healthy dream rather than just dreaming about it.

My Healthy and Loving It online coaching programme was designed to be the bridge that takes you from unhealthy to amazingly healthy, from theory to practice, from thinking about it to actually doing it. If this sounds good to you and you want to find out more click on the picture below.

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No more silence
black lives matter

What happened to George Floyd was unbearable, unthinkable, unacceptable…Unacceptable is not strong enough. Nothing is strong enough…I write from A place of love, A place of please God help us fix this, A place of desperation, the feeling that I need to DO something. It comes from a place of guilt and shame… for the silence… NO MORE SILENCE, I can’t speak.

I write as a white women…what else can I do? I don’t speak on behalf of anyone but myself. I just have to say…do something. I want to say publicly that I stand beside the black community in their fight for justice and equality. I stand beside the black community in their fight for humanity.

I stand beside the black community so that they can breathe.

I Can’t Speak

“I can’t breathe’ the words uttered by George Floyd as he was choked to death. It makes me sick. I can’t bear it. I can’t even look at those words ‘I can’t breathe’. I can’t hear them…see them…every time I think of them I become choked with emotion and cry with anguish. I was at the BLM rally on Glasgow green last Sunday and the crowd started chanting “I can’t breathe”. I couldn’t join in… I couldn’t even get the word ‘I’ out because I was too choked with emotion, I couldn’t speak…I CAN’T SPEAK.

but then I must…we must. We must speak out.

It’s unbearable, how can it be that this person, this ‘so called human being’ , this ‘police officer’ this ‘enforcer of the law’. this ‘defender of the people’. thought that it was ok to do what he did.

I thought to myself “he treated him as if he was an animal’. but it’s even worse than that because you wouldn’t treat an animal like that. Nobody treats animals like that…

In what world is that ok…and what makes it even worse… how could he even think that he could get away with such a thing…

He must have thought he could get away with it, how could he have thought that?

Is that what America is…is that what our world is…

no more silence
Black Lives Matter  peaceful protest
Glasgow Green, 7 June 2020

No More Silence

The biggest lesson I take from this and my mantra going forward is –

No more silence. I’m sorry!

I will not be silent any more.

Because silence isn’t working.

If you’re like me your normal response to some form of racist act or racism on the news would be to think. ‘that’s disgusting’. or ‘what a disgrace, they should be locked up’ and feel disdain for the perpetrators. I suspect that’s the place where the majority of the white community sits.

But it’s not enough for us to pat ourselves on the back, ‘well done you for not being a racist‘ and move on living our lives as normal. We as whites have the privilege to do that. We have the choice to move on with our lives and forget about racism…until it’s on the news again.

Silence isn’t working. It’s obvious. LOOK at what’s just happened, how can that be. We can’t just sit in silence and continue to let that happen in the hope that SOMEONE ELSE will fix it.

SOMEONE ELSE isn’t working in the background making everything better. It’s not getting better, from where I’m sitting it’s getting worse…or perhaps it’s always been that bad and I just haven’t seen it…

For the love of god and all humanity let us be proud of ourselves and our actions. There is power in numbers… There are many, many more people who are not racist than who are…Let yourself be known,…Stand up peacefully alongside the black community and fight for what we know is right.

Please stand up and fight with them so that they can breathe.

Learn More

Black Lives Matter

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Todays blog post is NOT within my normal topic range. I just felt I had to speak. This website exists to help women feel, look and be amazing. So if you subscribe below, that’s what you’re subscribing for.

embrace your age but never embrace unhealthy

Embrace your age but never embrace unhealthy…

…I love that women in midlife seem to be embracing themselves ‘just as they are’. This mantra of self love is evident all over social media. It’s a fantastic movement… It’s heartwarming…it’s empowering lots of women. Mid life women now accept and embrace their grey hair (or not either is good) …accept and embrace their fluffier figures… accept and embrace that they have a few more wrinkles and are a bit more tattered around the edges. I love this…


With that said, it worries me that this is promoting a somewhat cavalier attitude to our health and well being. That it’s being used as yet another excuse – as if marketing campaigns don’t give us enough – to give ourselves the green light to engage in activity we know is not good for us. Because you know ‘we’re worth it, we’ve earned it”

Eating junk, not exercising, drinking too much alcohol and so on because you no longer care about your appearance is one thing but what about the other consequences of this behaviour. What about how you feel ….

We have to find the balance between accepting who we are and how we look as we age ,… with the fact that we are still (and ALWAYS will be) beautiful, vibrant women and well worth looking after. We should NEVER give up on ourselves or our health.

healthy and loving it

VOLUNTEERS WANTED:- Before you continue reading I want to tell you about Healthy and Loving It my new online course designed to give you the amazing health described in todays post. The soft launch is scheduled for this July and I’m looking for volunteers to test drive it. For more information on this and the course click here

Back to the blog post which is about a 3.5 minute read, here’s a brief summary.

  • Choose Wisely, Choose Health.
  • Age or Neglect?
  • Let the Goddess Shine.

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Choose Wisely, Choose Health

Don’t use your age as a reason to throw caution to the wind. Instead use your years of experience to guide you in what you know deep down is the right direction.

Fact – if you’re not feeling well you are miserable…You are not living your best life… You’re not self loving…You are not empowered… You’re not happy!!! Regardless of your age.

Being unhealthy weakens our immune system meaning that we catch every cold, sniffle and virus that’s going around. It also means you may be suffering from regular headaches, aches and pains, digestive problems… caused by a multitude of things like bad diet, poor sleep, bad habits, lack of physical movement and exercise, lack of stress management and so on.

unhealthy means more colds and virus

Lifestyle Diseases – Things like type 2 diabetes, some types of heart disease, several types of cancer, obesity and more, they are all completely avoidable and sometimes reversible. The choices we make for ourselves in our lives are a big deal they can quite frankly mean the difference between life and death.

We have it in our power to avoid the bad choices that can make us very sick and many of us don’t use that power wisely.

Age or Neglect

We often blame our age for all our woes:- regular illnesses, aches and pains, overweight, our fading looks, the dark circles under our eyes, puffy eyes, our lack of motivation, our lack of energy, our flatness of mood. But is that true? Is this the full picture? Is our age the cause?

I say no…

These ‘signs of ageing’ are really signs of neglecting to look after ourselves properly. Neglecting to choose wisely often over years if not decades… 

  • Eating junk food, poisons, addictions and bad habits
  • Neglecting to feed our bodies with the proper nutrition it needs to function
  • Lack of exercise and general movement
  • Lack of relaxation
  • A lifestyle full of stress
  • No stress management
  • No play time
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Burning the candle at both ends…

Do these sound familiar…is this starting to make sense?

Of course we will all have some signs of aging it is inevitable…But sitting on our butts all the time, staring at screens, pumping our bodies full of chemicals and toxins while at the same time not feeding our bodies with the nutrients it needs to function correctly… that’s not going to help is it???

Note:- At some point in our 40s and 50s we will have hormonal changes to contend with. This is very real and no laughing matter. Amongst many other symptoms hormonal changes can (note the word can not will) contribute to weight gain. To read more about hormonal weight gain click here

lose bad habits live your best life

Let the Goddess Shine

You know all that talk about how women become invisible when they reach a certain age? Stuff that… I say be gone invisible middle aged women and let this goddess in her prime shine her light for all the world to see…

…but how can we goddesses in the prime of our lives let our lights shine as brightly and clearly as possible?

The number one thing is to LOVE YOURSELF. recognise your worth, your uniqueness and nurture it.

The number one way to love yourself is to give yourself the gift of complete health. That doesn’t mean get skinny and get the best body and go workout every day. Noooooooooo.

It means:-

  • Provide your body with what it needs to thrive.
  • Provide your soul with what it needs to thrive.
  • Provide your mind with what it needs to thrive.

In practical terms this means:- (click on items for more)

So yes by all means embrace your age but never embrace unhealthy. Instead, give yourself the ultimate in self love, the gift of amazing health.

healthy and loving it online course
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Healthy and Loving It is my new online course designed to give you the premium health described in todays post. The soft launch is scheduled for this July and I’m looking for volunteers to test drive it. For more information on this and the course click here

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healthy looks good

People spend a lot of money trying to look good. Seeking the product or treatments that will give them the skin they’ve always dreamed of or that illustrious, shiny hair or sparkling, unpuffy, unwrinkled eyes… Undoubtedly some of these products and treatments work to varying degrees but if you’re relying on stuff like this you’re missing a trick. There is a rich source of natural beauty that will deliver all the above and so, so much more. Not only that it’s free and available to everyone. This wonderful source is good health… Healthy Looks Good.

Its about a 2.5 minute read, here’s a brief summary.

  • Inside Out beauty
  • It’s More Than Just Food
  • If You feel Amazing You Look Amazing
  • How to get Healthy

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Inside Out Beauty

When you are healthy on the inside this is reflected on the outside…You will be beautiful because you ARE truly and genuinely beautiful…on the inside.

Someone who prioritises their health will have glowing skin and a clear complexion not because of the latest skin cream but because her skin is being fed what it needs to thrive. The results of this is…surprise surprise…healthy skin. Skin that looks healthy or in other words, beautiful skin.

She has luscious hair because it’s receiving all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and so… it is…and it looks it.

When you eat food that’s alive, you yourself look alive. This reflects mostly in the eyes. Yes they will be very white and sparkling… but there’s more…a certain sense of ‘aliveness’ behind the eyes of a very healthy person that’s extremely attactive.

…and you can ditch the latest diet fad or product. You don’t even need to think about weight control when you are prioritising you’re health. It’s a non issue. You concentrate on being healthy and the weight takes care of itself.

Click here to read more about Inside out Beauty in my blog post ‘Ageing Beautifully with Healthy Beauty’.

relax for good health

It’s more than just food

It’s more than just food though. Inside out beauty – or healthy beauty as I sometimes call it – is strongly influenced by what you eat but there are other factors at work too because true health is holistic. We need to be looking after whole selves – body, mind and spirit – to be truly healthy. We’ll look at this more below in ‘How to get Healthy’

If You Feel Amazing You look Amazing

Being healthy makes you feel good… No… more than that AMAZING…if you feel good you look good…if you feel AMAZING you look AMAZING.

This is so true. Think about it…

When you’re on top of the world how is your expression, your demeanour, how you hold yourself, your essence.

Isn’t it true that you have a spring in your step? This in itself is much more attractive than slugging about with your head down and your shoulders slumped.

You’re face will be relaxed and animated rather than full of stress and anxiety. There’s nothing more ageing than a face full of stress and anxiety. It’s not an attractive look. Just the peace of mind of knowing that you are prioritising your health makes for a much more relaxed existence. On top of that a healthy person actively works at relaxation and easing stress.

A healthy person is a happy person. Happiness is very attractive…is there anything more attractive than a happy person? That smile that lights up a persons day… the infectious laughter… Click here to read more about How to be Happy.

When you are feeling good your are much more confident. Confidence is attractive…confidence is sexy!!!

how do I eat healthy

How to Get Healthy

As already mentioned true health is holistic. So often we concentrate on the physical body and neglect our minds and spirit/soul but they are all interconnected, after all they all live together in one container… your body. The health of one will inevitably affect the others.

Achieving great health is a journey. Start taking small steps in the following and you’ll be starting out on the greatest, most fulfilling and rewarding journey of your life:- Click on each item for further advice.

  1. Eat real food. Quit processed food and eat whole foods, it’s that simple.
  2. Eliminate or reduce bad habits. Putting poison into our bodies is never going to result in good looks…or a healthy body.
  3. Prioritise Your Sleep. You already know how bad lack of sleep makes you feel. Prolonged sleep deprivation will take a real toll on your looks, skin, eyes even hair and definitely your waistline.
  4. More Play – fun, laughter, human connection. Being genuinely happy is crucial to good all round health.
  5. Relax more. Take the stress out of your face and your body. Stress doesn’t just affect your looks it’s the root cause of much disease.
  6. Sit Less and Move More. Oxygenate your skin and body, and get those muscles and limbs moving.
  7. Exercise more. We need to keep our muscles and body toned not just so we can look good but also so that they work properly.
  8. Love Yourself More. This is where it all starts really. If you don’t love yourself you’re really not healthy, no matter how many push ups you can do…
  9. Get Outside in Nature More. Spending too much time inside is not good for our looks or our mental health and therefore our physical health.
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I would love to hear your comments, suggestion questions below.