Let Food be Thy Medicine and medicine be thy food.

‘Let Food be Thy Medicine And Medicine be Thy Food’ Hippocrates An interesting quote by the first ever physician. (1) This week I’m having a bit of a rant about the crap food we’re fed in more ways than one. I’m talking about the idea of food as a prevention and cure for disease and […]

Bone Broth: A Fountain of Health and Youth.

Bone broth is currently very trendy as a superfood but don’t let that put you off,  it’s been around since pre historic times. It’s the liquid made from slow simmering of bones and connective tissue of animals, poultry or fish. It’s cheap, tasty and easy to make. You’re about to find out why Bone Broth […]

Have Fun Getting Healthy With a Food Dehydrator

Dehydrating food doesn’t sound particularly healthy or sexy. In fact it brings up visions of TV dinners and Pot Noodles. But you might be surprised by the types of food that can be ‘cooked’ with one in terms of deliciousness, nutrition and simplicity. Dehydrators are relatively inexpensive and extremely simple to use. Lets dive deeper […]

Sauerkraut: The Amazing Health Benefits and How to Make It.

Fermented foods are now widely accepted and acknowledged to be hugely beneficial to our health. It’s a great idea to include more in our diet. Sauerkraut is one of the most popular and easily accessible fermented foods out there. Lets look at Its amazing health benefits and How to Make it. Click here to download […]

Is Fat Healthy? Get The Skinny on Fats and Oils:

I’m happy to say that I didn’t pay much attention to the ‘low fat’,’ fat free’ madness of the 80’s and 90’s.  It didn’t make any sense to me and anyway the food they were touting tasted crap. That being said it’s bound to have got through on some levels such was the veracity of […]

Reset your Taste Buds: Ditch the processed ‘food’.

Last week in my post Secrets of Amazing Health: The Ultimate Weight Loss Tool, I talked about how amazing health is the best way to sustained weight control. Weight control that is for life. There are 2 reasons why it works – 1. It resets your mind so that you now desire to eat the […]

Secrets of Amazing Health: The Ultimate Weight Loss Tool

In last weeks blog post Secrets of Amazing Health: Peace of Mind. I talked about how amazing health gives you peace of mind and one of the things i touched upon is how you never have to worry about weight control anymore when you have amazing health. That means no more diets, fads, calorie counting, […]

Getting Healthy: Coconuts for Health and Healthy Beauty

I wanted to talk to you about healthy beauty this week. Or more specifically why getting healthy will shine, magnify and multiply your natural beauty. But since Monday was World Coconut Day 🌴 (I know) I was inspired to write a piece all about coconuts and how they can totally rock your world, bringing you […]

Rawlicious – 5 Easy and delicious ways to eat more raw

Can you imagine a world where that sweet treat you are yearning for and trying to resist is actually healthy? And I mean actually healthy not pretend healthy like stated on the wrappers of so called healthy processed ‘foods’. Can you imagine a world where just 1 of your sweet treats is genuinely enough for you, you have no craving to eat another one? (ok sometimes maybe 2)