9 Easy Ways to Sleep Better and why!

Many of us are not getting enough sleep. This is a fact of life and one that too many people don’t seem to think is very important. But it is!!! Getting enough sleep is vital for a healthy life. If you want to look good, feel good, thrive at work and at play, you need […]

Exercise During Lockdown Made Easy

Exercising can be a struggle especially now during lockdown. The gyms are shut and it’s hard to get motivated. You keep meaning to get started but just don’t make it, or just feel too unfit and overweight to make the effort. It doesn’t have to be this way though. We can get involved in our […]

Playtime For Grownups: How we Can Play And Why We Should.

When we were children life was all about playing, having fun and enjoying ourselves…and I’ve got something to tell you that might be a revelation…IT STILL IS. Do you really think your whole life should be about taking everything, including life, so seriously??? Yes, of course, sometimes we have to put our serious and sensible […]

Healthy Drinks You Will Love

As the New Year begins (Let’s hope it’s a good one) and the excesses of the holiday season fade into the distance it’s the time of year that we start thinking about getting healthy. We tend to concentrate a lot on what we will eat but what we drink is important too. I thought a […]

Starting Good Habits, Stopping Bad Habits.

Lets face it, we all want to be starting good habits, stopping bad habits and sticking to it. We all want to replace bad lifestyle choices with healthy ones. Who wouldn’t? It’s a no brainer. Regardless of our age we still want to be enjoying our lives to the full, looking mighty fine and feeling […]

Learning to Love Yourself: Getting Started

Learning to love yourself will bring you health, vitality and happiness. It will help you to fulfill your full potential. Thats why Ive included ‘One Week to Loving Yourself More’ Tasksheet.

Getting Healthy or Losing Weight? You Know What to Do but are You Doing It?

You know what to do to get healthy or to lose weight but are you actually doing it? You’ve read all the health blogs and books or maybe you follow a health influencer. You’ve bought all the gear to work out, you’re kitchen cupboards are rammed full of healthy foods and you’re going to start […]

Embrace Your Age but Never Embrace Unhealthy

Embrace your age but never embrace unhealthy… …I love that women in midlife seem to be embracing themselves ‘just as they are’. This mantra of self love is evident all over social media. It’s a fantastic movement… It’s heartwarming…it’s empowering lots of women. Mid life women now accept and embrace their grey hair (or not […]

Switch on Your Relaxation Response in minutes for a Healthier Life

There’s a lot written about stress and how to avoid it or cope with it better. How the stresses and strains of our modern lifestyles are causing our fight or flight response to activate too often or indeed never turn off and the damage to our health this causes. Today I’m focusing on why it’s […]

Meditation: Why We Should do it and How!

Meditation has shed its hippy, new age image. It’s now enjoyed and endorsed by all…celebrities, top business moguls, the military, professional athletes… click here for an A List of the rich and powerful who meditate… And it’s not surprising. Meditation offers such rich rewards for so little time an effort. Lets dive deeper and look […]