embrace your age but never embrace unhealthy

Embrace your age but never embrace unhealthy…

…I love that women in midlife seem to be embracing themselves ‘just as they are’. This mantra of self love is evident all over social media. It’s a fantastic movement… It’s heartwarming…it’s empowering lots of women. Mid life women now accept and embrace their grey hair (or not either is good) …accept and embrace their fluffier figures… accept and embrace that they have a few more wrinkles and are a bit more tattered around the edges. I love this…


With that said, it worries me that this is promoting a somewhat cavalier attitude to our health and well being. That it’s being used as yet another excuse – as if marketing campaigns don’t give us enough – to give ourselves the green light to engage in activity we know is not good for us. Because you know ‘we’re worth it, we’ve earned it”

Eating junk, not exercising, drinking too much alcohol and so on because you no longer care about your appearance is one thing but what about the other consequences of this behaviour. What about how you feel ….

We have to find the balance between accepting who we are and how we look as we age ,… with the fact that we are still (and ALWAYS will be) beautiful, vibrant women and well worth looking after. We should NEVER give up on ourselves or our health.

healthy and loving it

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Back to the blog post which is about a 3.5 minute read, here’s a brief summary.

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Choose Wisely, Choose Health

Don’t use your age as a reason to throw caution to the wind. Instead use your years of experience to guide you in what you know deep down is the right direction.

Fact – if you’re not feeling well you are miserable…You are not living your best life… You’re not self loving…You are not empowered… You’re not happy!!! Regardless of your age.

Being unhealthy weakens our immune system meaning that we catch every cold, sniffle and virus that’s going around. It also means you may be suffering from regular headaches, aches and pains, digestive problems… caused by a multitude of things like bad diet, poor sleep, bad habits, lack of physical movement and exercise, lack of stress management and so on.

unhealthy means more colds and virus

Lifestyle Diseases – Things like type 2 diabetes, some types of heart disease, several types of cancer, obesity and more, they are all completely avoidable and sometimes reversible. The choices we make for ourselves in our lives are a big deal they can quite frankly mean the difference between life and death.

We have it in our power to avoid the bad choices that can make us very sick and many of us don’t use that power wisely.

Age or Neglect

We often blame our age for all our woes:- regular illnesses, aches and pains, overweight, our fading looks, the dark circles under our eyes, puffy eyes, our lack of motivation, our lack of energy, our flatness of mood. But is that true? Is this the full picture? Is our age the cause?

I say no…

These ‘signs of ageing’ are really signs of neglecting to look after ourselves properly. Neglecting to choose wisely often over years if not decades… 

Do these sound familiar…is this starting to make sense?

Of course we will all have some signs of aging it is inevitable…But sitting on our butts all the time, staring at screens, pumping our bodies full of chemicals and toxins while at the same time not feeding our bodies with the nutrients it needs to function correctly… that’s not going to help is it???

Note:- At some point in our 40s and 50s we will have hormonal changes to contend with. This is very real and no laughing matter. Amongst many other symptoms hormonal changes can (note the word can not will) contribute to weight gain. To read more about hormonal weight gain click here

lose bad habits live your best life

Let the Goddess Shine

You know all that talk about how women become invisible when they reach a certain age? Stuff that… I say be gone invisible middle aged women and let this goddess in her prime shine her light for all the world to see…

…but how can we goddesses in the prime of our lives let our lights shine as brightly and clearly as possible?

The number one thing is to LOVE YOURSELF. recognise your worth, your uniqueness and nurture it.

The number one way to love yourself is to give yourself the gift of complete health. That doesn’t mean get skinny and get the best body and go workout every day. Noooooooooo.

It means:-

In practical terms this means:- (click on items for more)

So yes by all means embrace your age but never embrace unhealthy. Instead, give yourself the ultimate in self love, the gift of amazing health.

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