Exercising can be a struggle especially now during lockdown. The gyms are shut and it’s hard to get motivated. You keep meaning to get started but just don’t make it, or just feel too unfit and overweight to make the effort. It doesn’t have to be this way though. We can get involved in our new reality and even make it work to our advantage. Workout from home, join an online dance class, fitness session or yoga studio. The benefits of excercise on the way you feel and look are too good to miss…

Special note: most of my tips are “home based’ and so are perfect during lockdown. .

Firstly, Make it Fun

If you love it you will do it. 

It’s that simple. Find something you love. This should be especially easy for your cardio:-

If you love dancing:-

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love your exercise make it fun

If you love being outside, do something outside:-

If you love yoga:-

If you love sport Do it…

Benefits of Exercise

We need Exercise so we can enjoy its many healthy benefits which include:-

Exercise versus Movement.

What exactly do I mean by ‘exercise.’

To maintain our good health it’s widely accepted that we need to move more and sit less in general, click here for my recent blog post on this subject.

General movement will tend to be in the low to medium intensity excercise category. Please see below:-

Today, however, I’m talking about the more formal exercise which will normally fall into the moderate to high intensity range dependant on your current fitness levels.

There are 3 types of exercise we should be doing for all round good health:-

amazingly healthy life exercise at home

How Much Exercise do we Need

Common recommendations are:-

But if you’re just starting out put these recommendations to one side. It’s more important just to get started!!!

The first step is always the hardest!!!

Getting Started

If you’re just starting out, chances are you need to start small, really small. Set targets that are easily achievable.

If it’s more exercise than your doing now then that’s a win, if you’re achieving targets that’s also a win and great for your morale…As is tracking your progress, wether that be on paper or on your fitness watch…

Here’s what to do:-

  1. Right now this minute, make your yearly target that you will exercise on at least one day each and every week.
  2. Every week make a target for the coming week. If it’s just to exercise the one day then schedule the day, if you decide to do more then schedule that in your diary.
  3. Every morning make an exercise target for that day, no matter how small. You may decide it’s a rest day and that’s fine.

Starting Small really, really smallMy regime for starting or restarting

I’ve had to start small on many occasions when recovering from injury and multitude of other reasons.

You just don’t feel like doing it. The only thing that got me motivated was to make it so small that it took no time at all and was almost effortless then build up from there.

This works because it gets you to take that all important first step:-

Cardio – Start with 1 minute of your favourite cardio exercise. (add 1 minute the next time you do it and then another the next time and so on until you reach your desired amount, 30 minutes is a good target)

Strength Training – I would start with good old fashioned body weight training. Just do 1 rep.(repetition) of each exercise. so 1 squat, 1 lunge on each leg, 1 press-up against the wall. These 3 exercises are a good start. On your next strength training day do 2 reps. and keep adding on 1 rep. at a time until reaching the desired amount. Once you’ve reached 5 reps. that’s 1 set. (5 reps= 1 set) 5 sets of 5 reps is a good target to aim for.

There are loads of online videos to show you correct form for these exercises if you need that. My favourite strength training site is

Flexibility – Fitting in some stretches after your cardio and strength training sessions will be enough. Again there are loads of online videos from experts to help you out if you’re not sure how to stretch.

Make it Easy

It seems pretty obvious to say that if you make it easy to do you are more likely to do it. So how can we make it easy:-

Doing something fun that you love (as above) will also Make it Easy.

bodyweight training at home

Use your own spaces to workout.

If you work out in your own home or garden you save time and money…You also don’t need to find that double motivation to get off the couch get yourself ready and go out to get fit.

Use your own garden to workout in. This could be

Use your own home:-

Doubling up

If you’re short on time, which most of us are, doubling up on our self care and health goals is golden and can really help make exercising easier.

Here’s some examples of double ups:-

In a nutshell

Exercise can be made easy by making it a fun part of your life. It can be simple and inexpensive to fit in if we use our imagination and our own resources. Just take that first small step and away you go…

Further Reading

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