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You know what to do to get healthy or to lose weight but are you actually doing it? You’ve read all the health blogs and books or maybe you follow a health influencer. You’ve bought all the gear to work out, you’re kitchen cupboards are rammed full of healthy foods and you’re going to start on Monday, that means you can enjoy the weekend then have a fresh start. But then somehow Monday never comes….

…Or Perhaps, you do get started on your amazing health journey but then for some reason at some point it stopped, you can’t really remember how or why, or perhaps you can, but you wonder why it stopped you because in hindsight it doesn’t seem such a valid reason for quitting as it did at the time…

This story is so familiar right? It’s everyones story, we’ve all been there.

It’s true that most of us have a good idea how to get healthy or lose weight but we’re not doing it!.

If we actually followed through with what we already know we’d all be cavorting around as a super healthy species looking our best… looking amazing…feeling amazing. Lifestyle illness and obesity would be scarce if not eradicated.

If we all want to get healthy and look our best, and we already know what to do…then why isn’t it happening?

get healthy lose weight

Getting Healthy or Losing Weight

I say getting healthy OR losing weight but really they are one and the same thing to me. If you get healthy you will lose weight if you have weight to lose. You will also gain weight if you have weight to gain. You’re body will reach it’s healthy weight naturally.

Losing weight should always be part of a bigger picture of getting healthy. It’s crazy to even consider unhealthy practices in order to lose weight. Presumably if you want to lose weight it’s because you want to look better and feel better. but you’re not going to look better if you’re unhealthy and your certainly not going to feel better.

Effortless weight control is just one of the many benefits of being healthy.

Getting Started

I believe that one of the biggest stumbling blocks is simply just actually getting started. We always seem to put things off until that perfect moment. You know the drill.

.and so on…The ‘reasons’ we come up with to put off our healthy journeys are endless…this is a huge problem because before you know it you’ve just spent you’re whole life waiting for the perfect time to start getting healthy meaning you’ve lived your whole life unhealthy

This kind of thinking is flawed from the outset because getting healthy should be a new way of life. A new way of life that has to be capable of absorbing all the realities of your life.

What do I mean? I mean you can’t wait until the perfect time to start your new lifestyle…you can’t wait until your life is perfect to start your new lifestyle because your life will never be perfect. There will never be a perfect time, it won’t come, it won’t happen. Something else will always come along to scupper your plans…That is life!

Life is not perfect, it has ups and downs, obstacles and hurdles, things get in the way and shit happens, you get a new job, a date, an illness, a crisis…

Your new lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle fits in with this truth. Because in truth you healthy lifestyle will not be 100% healthy it will simply be mostly healthy

Take the first step, take action NOW. Don’t wait until perfect, it will never come!

how to get healthy

Persistence not Perfection

The truth is, living the dream of an amazingly healthy life is not about perfection it’s about persistence.

Persistence refers to perseverance in spite of fatigue or frustration

Quoted from Wikipedia.

Persistence not perfection means being gentle on yourself… you are human…allow and allow for your ‘mistakes’ your ‘falls from the wagon’ your humanity… but at the same time you do want to be healthy, you do what it takes and you keep on doing it, despite setbacks, despite hurdles, despite hardships, despite LIFE…You keep getting back on the horse.

At Healthy and Loving It (my online course) we recommend that you’re doing what it takes for amazing health 85% of the time and doing this persistently.

Persistence not Perfection. Live the 85% rule

Motivation burn out

The truth is motivation only gets you so far. It can get you started and along the way but for effortless health and weight control…for lifelong health…to be healthy forever, you need something different than motivation.

You have to start enjoying your new lifestyle, you have to be happy with it…you have to love it. You can’t be spending your whole life hankering after all the things you want and can’t have. You have to get to the stage where you want the healthy stuff not the unhealthy stuff.

You need to find healthy AND happy…you need to be Healthy AND Loving It.

getting healthy losing weight forever


And of course there is the confusion of all the conflicting opinions out there. I started off this post by saying most people know what to do and I think deep down they do despite the conflicting opinions out there. We might get confused if, for example, we’re desperate to lose weight and we end up trying out some fad diets but deep down we know this isn’t permanent and we know it isn’t healthy.

Here at Amazingly Healthy Life and on the Healthy and Loving It online coaching programme we believe in wholesome, nourishing food. Click here for a more in depth look at what we recommend to eat It’s just honest, back to basics eating.

Don ‘t Dream the Dream Live It!

We’ve looked at some of the main reasons why, despite our knowing what to do to get healthy or lose weight, we don’t actually do it. Knowing and understanding these can help us do what it takes to start taking action and living the healthy dream rather than just dreaming about it.

My Healthy and Loving It online coaching programme was designed to be the bridge that takes you from unhealthy to amazingly healthy, from theory to practice, from thinking about it to actually doing it. If this sounds good to you and you want to find out more click on the picture below.

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