Feel, Look, Be, Amazing

Worried you’re stuck with middle age spread and bloated belly? Don’t Be!

With my Unique System for Amazing Health you can wave it bye bye forever.

Get rid of bloated belly

There’s just something about a bloated belly… about that bit in particular, that irritates.  Hormonal changes can be a cause of weight gain here but it’s not inevitable.

Sometimes our tummy bloats up due to what we eat rather than fat gain.  Both can be improved just by eating the right foods and, crucially, avoiding the wrong ones.

Perhaps you’re worrying about your health as you get older?

Getting rid of that extra layer of fat around the middle is definitely a good idea for your good health now and in the future. Excess fat in this area is a known predictor of several serious ilnesses.

fix low energy levels

Low Energy Levels.

Maybe your energy levels are dropping – you’re tired all the time, diets aren’t helping and you’re definitely not getting any younger. It’s daunting! Work, kids, chores… Daily life can be exhausting  especially when you’re carrying excess bodyweight too.

You’re not stuck with middle age spread, bloated belly and low energy levels.

You can change your future!

I know because I’ve done it and I’m not talking about dieting.  We all know diets don’t work!

diets don't work

There is a much better way that actually works –  eating real food that tastes great and leaves you feeling wonderful with no guilt and no hunger.

Shona Hagan

I’m Shona Hagan, I’m 53 and I’m Amazingly Healthy.

8 years ago I suffered with these problems and felt tired all the time but I found a simple, natural solution – I got Amazingly Healthy.  Now I feel vibrant and filled with energy, I don’t even think about my weight and my belly isn’t bloated anymore.

You can do it too

Join my new program and you’ll have enough energy to do everything you want.  Keep up with energetic kids, nieces, nephews and grandchildren, go to your favourite dance class, potter about in the garden ,enjoy long, blissful walks in nature…

…And no more feeling uncomfortable in your clothes…

lifestyle not diets

You’ll be enjoying great tasting real food. You won’t feel deprived. My special recipes and suggestions for healthy raw sweet treats that taste better than your old, unhealthy treats are exclusive to my program and a unique success ingredient. You’ll be vibrant, happy and full of energy but best of all you won’t be on a diet

As your energy increases, so will your confidence and happiness levels.

Imagine a life where your weight has finally stabilised. You’re less concerned with what you weigh and more concerned with going out, having fun and being happy

Healthy not skinny

Often weight loss isn’t healthy,  this is different.

We’ll reset your tastebuds, mindset and lifestyle to optimise your health and weight both at the same time. These 3 resets are baked in throughout the program.

My system for Amazing Health gives effortless weight control, all the energy you need to live your best life and as an added bonus you’ll never have looked better… Healthy Looks Good.

Healthy looks good!.

And It’s not just about the food. Amazing Health is a holistic system

Main Benefits of Amazing Health

  • Effortless weight control forever
  • Energy, stamina and Va Va Voom
  • Lose the bloated belly caused by eating the wrong foods
  • Lose the aches and pains caused by eating the wrong foods
  • Get the Glow. Glowing skin comes from being healthy not out of a bottle.
  • Avoid chronic lifestyle disease

quit sugar quit processed food

But change can be tough

We all know that making the best choices  for ourselves can be tough. There are age old habits to break and good ones to make.

There are unhealthy addictions to overcome (sugar and processed food). Most of us, whether we know it or not, are addicted to sugar and it’s hidden everywhere.

Everything is easier when you have others to help and support you. 

You don’t have to do it on your own, I can help. I’ve done it myself with amazing results and I’ve helped other women do it too.

healthy and loving it online course

Healthy and Loving It is my group coaching program where I teach my system for helping women reach Amazing Health. 

It’s  based around 8 commitments that students commit to on the very first day of the program. The commitments are made for the duration of the 6 week course.  The top 2 commitments are Quit Processed Food and Eat More Raw. You’ll love how following them makes you feel and look so much that they will become your lifestyle.

Making such a life changing transformation will require a strong support system and accountability on a daily basis and that’s exactly what you get.

  • Daily live group Support/Accountability call from me. (Not a Robot)
  • 24/7 Student forum for community, camaraderie, sharing and accountability buddies.
  • Daily lessons in multiple formats.

For this level of change and transformation to happen we also need to reset on 3 levels:-

  • A tastebud reset
  • A mindset reset
  • A lifestyle reset. 

These 3 resets are baked in throughout the program and it is these alongside my specialised raw super healthy but delicious sweet treats that are the unique success ingredients.

Every day a new menu of lessons arrive in your inbox. They normally take between 15-20 minutes to complete..

Week 1, Day 2 – Sunday.
The 8 Commitments
Whats In It for You
Before and After
Live with shona
Show and Tell

Week 1, Day 3 – Monday
The Problem with Sugar
Be Gentle with Yourself
Video Demo. and Recipe Index

Week 1, Day 4 -Tuesday
Mission It’s Possible
What Motivates You
Live with shona
Show and Tell

Week 1, Day 5 – Wednesday
Healthy Sweets and Treats
Self discipline – meet your future self
Live with Shona
Show and Tell

Week 3, Day 4 – Tuesday
Nuts and Seeds plus delicious recipes
Self Confidence – Confidence through our authentic selves
Live with Shona
Show and Tell

Week 3, Day 6, Thursday
Food as Medicine – How to make diseases disappear.
Self Confidence – Wrapped up
Live with Shona
Show and tell

Week 4, Day 6 – Thursday
Sauerkraut and fermented food
Managing Stress – What are the implications of not managing stress
Live with Shona
Show and tell

Week 6, Day 5 – Wednesday
Ageing Beautifully with Healthy Beauty
Oils and Natural Products
Live with Shona
Show and Tell

Some Course Features
-Daily live group Support/Accountability call from a real live person not a robot.
-Student forum for accountability, community, camaraderie  and sharing 24/7.
-Daily lessons in multiple formats (time needed – 20 minutes approx.)

-Course is holistic and includes lessons for mind, body and spirit.
-Healthy eating suggestions, recipes and video recipes 
-Specialised  video recipes
-Lifetime access to the course
-A dedicated Graduate Facebook group – continue the conversation.

Honestly, if you put in the work this course will reward you with amazing results but don’t just take my word for it. Read reviews from some Healthy and Loving It graduates below.

Graduate Reviews

This course has been a life changer for me.  Only 3 weeks into it, I have already been able to make simple changes to my lifestyle that will easily be sustainable for a lifetime.  And, I want to stay with these changes because of the difference I can already see and feel in my life. 

Eating healthier has been much easier than I thought it would be.  Between Shona’s terrific tutorials for her raw recipes and the support and camaraderie I have experienced with other group members- this has been incredibly simple to incorporate her eight commitments into my way of life.

Part of each day’s lessons include a “check-in” to see how we are progressing and any issues that we have run into.   You get to see what others are eating (photos) and chat with your new friends.

Sometimes we share recipes, where to find a certain thing online, or just encourage one another.  And then there are also private one-on-one chat with Shona.  Additionally, there are webinars where Shona talks and we respond by “chatting”/writing our questions and answers for her to read aloud.

In just three short weeks, I can already tell a difference in how I feel, my complexion, and my weight- I have lost five pounds!  And to think that I am not stuck on a “diet”- 

I still get to enjoy my favorite treats and the occasional choices from Shona’s “naughty list”.  Who doesn’t love a lifestyle that incorporates chocolate??

What a role model Shona is!!!  I’m looking forward to seeing what else we will learn in the remaining three weeks and cannot wait to put more of Shona’s ideas into action.  She is the perfect guide for this group- encouraging, great sense of humor, and a huge dose of understanding. 

The live Q & A sessions were so much fun.  No one sees or hears you- as we can only see and hear Shona.  But you can type in comments in the “chat” section- where both Shona and the rest of the group can see.  I really enjoyed the give and take in this format and we were able to share recipes, suggestions, sources for products, etc.

One of my favorite lessons was the one on making your own beauty products.   And I am especially enjoying the way they make my skin look and feel.  I finally glow!

I really want to say thank you Shona, you are a great inspiration, the course is amaaaazing, and I look forward to re visiting when things have settled down here. BUT the thing is, I have incorporated a lot of the stuff into my daily life, even now I am mindful of all the food I choose. I have kept up my bathtime treat with a book, it really makes a difference. For a couple of weeks, I didnt go for my walks….i reeeally noticed that this was NOT a good thing, so I am back on track with that.

 There is now a Shona voice that pops into my head, when I’m slipping, its really encouraging….it is also stern  so all those audios and mp3s really are a positive thing. 

All of us in the group, were not just given a book and bullet points to follow, you really put so much work into every part of it, the one to ones and the group chats, were so helpful.

I also love the pictures you post, and the positive things you write. 

You are an amazing person, and I am so glad we met on our path in life.

review healthy and loving it

I started this course being a little overweight and lacking in energy. Although I ate fairly well, I still had a lot of processed food in my diet.

This course has made me look more at what I’m eating and I’m astounded at just what is in ready made foods, sauces etc. 

Agreeing to the 8 commitments was going to pose challenges for some of them more than others for me, as we all have our favourite comfort go-to foods and this meant giving them up if I was to get serious about my health and lifestyle. 

I’ve actually found it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I have lost some weight,  have more energy and I’m more alert. 

The different lessons each week are thought provoking and informative. I’ve enjoyed the structure of the course and Shona has been a great mentor throughout. I’m really pleased I signed up for this course as it has definitely started me on a healthier way of life that won’t end when the course finishes. 

I really enjoyed the Q&A weekly live sessions with Shona, where we could also ask questions in the comments section and interact this way with Shona and the group.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course from the healthy eating lessons right through to the wellbeing lessons.

It has opened my eyes up to a much better way of eating, it isn’t difficult, and it’s a complete course to nurture the mind and body.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to people who are wanting a healthier lifestyle and would say that the course is easy to follow with lots of support from Shona and the rest of the group too.

I have definitely seen a difference in my appearance and overall wellbeing, and am thankful that I took the time to do this course for me, and that in turn has had a positive ripple effect on my family too.

I had to commit to 8 areas :

Quit processed  food  –  really done well over the 4 weeks 

Eat more  raw food  – found this quite easy

Reduce my bad habit – nibbling and bread is my really bad habit – going well 

Prioritize sleep – sleeping has improved 

Relax more – always meditate twice a day , so not an issue

Play more – covid restrictions in place – but getting out and about a little more 

Move more – exercise daily anyway so not an issue however did commit to run x 3 times per week, which I have done

Love myself more –  finding that easier to day as letting go of limiting beliefs 

So what was in if for me-  if I could remove limiting beliefs, get rid of my bad habits and have a better sleep – I would be happy.

Week 6 and I have achieved my objective – the nibbling & bread was  the hardest part to give up, however as you had to show and tell what you had to eat on a daily basis – this made me focus as I knew it would benefit me in the long run.

Sleeping much better.

Change of diet, which means not  realizing that the “healthy breakfast cereal” that I had been buying as well as the yogurts were full of added sugar, this was addressed and now with real cereal I feel fuller for longer and definatley no bloating.  I also notice on a  more personal note that my toilet habits have changed too – for the better. 

Skin is brighter too. 

The daily activity & worksheets have reinforced what I have already put in place having done this type of exercise in the past, so again was certainly worth the time and effort.

Taking time out each day has not been an issue as I am focused on achieving the end result.

All the group are very supportive of each other,  responding to the comments takes a little bit of time however it is not mandatory to do so.

Click Here for More Reviews:-

Elaine, Edinburgh, UK

I had quite a challenge with the ‘beige’ foods in my diet…I am beginning to break this habit which has been around for some time and was causing inflammation in my joints…I have lost weight and feel more energised and have less brain fog. Best of all, is that knowledge that everything going into my body is supporting my health and wellbeing and giving me the best chance to be the best version of myself…read more...

I had quite a challenge with the ‘beige’ foods in my diet, however, with the support of the community (which I have found to be a happy band of like minded souls) and Shona. I am beginning to break this habit which has been around for some time and was causing inflammation in my joints.

I am now feeling much more optimistic and excited that I can maintain this lifestyle long after the course has ended as my mindset is gently changing as I move through the course – that takes time and a little patience with yourself.

I have lost weight and feel more energised and have less brain fog. Best of all, is that knowledge that everything going into my body is supporting my health and wellbeing and giving me the best chance to be the best version of myself.

Thanks everyone and Shona for all your hard work and excellent input, support and guidance. 

Tina, West Midlands, UK

I have lost some weight and have noticed greater energy. Thank you… Easy to follow, can be completed at own pace during the day… read more

Course was easy to follow, very interesting and informative. Any questions were answered with suggestions and ideas.  Shona was always at hand  by all methods of communication if needed.  Group was friendly and lots of ideas from the comments we made. I will be trying hard to maintain the disciplines learnt over the weeks.  I have lost some weight and have noticed greater energy. Thank you

Very informative sessions. Giving insight to ourselves not just bodily but emotionally and spiritually.

Easy to follow, can be completed at own pace during the day. 

Jacqueline, West Sussex, UK

I really love this course, the recipes look good and once I move I think I will be able to follow more of the commitments and the recipes!…I have psoriasis and have noticed not so itchy, it’s probably due to cutting down on the drink and much healthier food! Bring on the next few weeks!…read more...

I really love this course, the recipes look good and once I move I think I will be able to follow more of the commitments and the recipes!  we were given cake yesterday at work and I didn’t enjoy it! I haven’t really wanted chocolate so that’s a plus!  I haven’t lost weight but that could be due to my stress levels being so high!  When ever I go down to my new flat I feel the stresses go away, it’s the sea air! Also go walking a lot! 

Reading everybody’s ideas and what they are eating is good to see, I do think my mindset is changing most of the things I am looking at in the supermarket are fresh fruit and veg and I am loving the nuts and seeds again, makes you feel fuller than a stupid packet of crisps! 

Love seeing Shona do the recipes and am looking forward to more! Have gone back to eating fish and feel a bit better! I was struggling with  vegetarian recipes that don’t have so many ingredients!

That’s why I like what we have seen so far easy recipes and not too many ingredients, but tasty, 

I have psoriasis and have noticed not so itchy, it’s probably due to cutting down on the drink and much healthier food! Bring on the next few weeks!  

Pamela, Hampshire, UK

The course has made me think more about how I am treating my body and to feel good about myself...Thank you Shona and for your patience, you have always been a great mentor…read more…

The course has been really helpful so far, lots of help from Shona and the other course members.

Some really useful tools for coping with stress and some great recipes.

The course has made me think more about how I am treating my body and to feel good about myself.

I have lost a little bit of weight which is great but I think now it’s more important that I feel a bit more confident in myself.

At the moment due to a lot of work related stress I am playing catch-up with the lessons but with the help of some meditation which Shona had encouraged me to try I am able to keep calm and not reach for the junk food 

Looking forward to see what else the course is bringing us.

Thank you Shona and for your patience, you have always been a great mentor.

The Price – £400. 

This 6 week live coaching program costs £400.  It comes with lifetime access.

There are no expensive additionals to buy;  no memberships, no lotions, no potions, no supplements. Just the price of the course and that’s it!!!  

Added Bonus: Healthy and Loving It students are invited to attend my Live Zoom Bellydance Course free of charge while on the program.


Yes, if you have weight to lose. A healthy body is not overweight (nor underweight)  so if you have weight to loose you will lose it until you reach a healthy weight.

On the program you will learn a new way to eat and live that you will want to carry on with because it’s simple and you genuinely love it so you and  your body will continue to get healthier even after the course finishes.  

Bloated tummy caused by eating the wrong foods will disappear very quickly.  

This is probably the best investment of £400. you have ever made and will ever make. Health is not an option or a luxury, it’s an essential.  You are investing it in yourself, your future happiness,  your health and the health of your family. 

Yes.  You can pay in 4x monthly instalments.  If you need something different than this contact me on shona@amazinglyhealthylife.com to discuss.

I’m  in there every day helping you stick with it. You will also have a classroom full of accountability buddies to help you stick with it.  

You just need to turn up in class every day with an open mind and an open heart.  In a short time you will want to stick to it because you will love how it makes you feel and look.

I’ve done it with amazing results and I’m proud to have successfully guided other ladies through it too.

Women tend to spend alot of their time focusing on the other people in their lives.   It’s time to focus just a little of your time on yourself now.

The lessons are very short – around 15-20 minutes.  Just make sure you timetable a little time to complete your lessons.  Honestly, if you’ve got time to go on social media, watch telly or even read a book then you have 20 minutes spare to care for your health.

The food I eat and recommend is very simple food.  We are eating from Planet Earth rather than a factory.   You may have to reset your tastebuds to appreciate the taste of real food again but that’s what the program is there for.

On average a meal should take around 20 minutes to prepare. There will be some fruit and vegetable chopping but that’s an easy and simple price to pay for  maximum health!

You’ll find that your energy and stamina levels will be vastly improved on the course so making your food won’t feel like such an effort.

If you are after a  lifestyle where you can still pop convenience food into the oven or microwave then this probably isn’t the program for you.  

There are more advanced recipes in the course but these are optional and again, fairly quick and simple once you know how to do them.

Much of the food recommended is plant based and in fact highly raw vegan recipes and suggestions are included in the program. However, high quality meat and fish are recommended and encouraged too as an important part of a balanced diet.

ready to get healthy

Are you ready to join your fellow classmates on an exciting 6 week journey to Amazing Health.  You don’t need to do this alone, join us and we’ll do it together.  

Remember, this group coaching program includes live accountability, support and guidance from me daily. No robots!


If you put the work in you will enjoy amazing results. If for any reason you struggle with sticking to the course you will automatically be offered a place in the next course and all subsequent courses until it sticks. I won’t give up on you.

healthy and loving it

Next Program starts May 2021

Register your interest below.

How to grab your spot on the course:-

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  2. Make your payment choosing either the pay in full or installments option.
  3. You will receive a message and follow up email confirming receipt of your payment.
  4. I will contact you in due course with more detail

Just Chose It.

You don’t have to be constantly struggling with your weight. You can optimise your health and weight together at the same time in an enjoyable way that’s forever.

And I just know you hate that blown out  tummy, I did too.  You can deflate the bloated tummy while simultaneously ramping up  your energy levels and va va voom.

You don’t have to do it alone!

xxx Shona 

Amazingly Healthy Life

P.s. Healthy is not a luxury it’s an essential. I can help

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