Healthy and Loving It Group


Things are easier and more fun to do when you have company plus you can bring a friend for free.

In my 6 week Healthy and Loving It group program you’ll have all the support and accountability you need plus lots of fun.

We’ll work together through a tried and tested framework which includes a combination of coaching sessions with me, daily lessons, special AHL recipes and food suggestions, and a variety of additional accountability measures to help you stay on track.

The group program offers:

Buy One Gift One Free to a Friend

Invest in a place for yourself in the program and you can gift one to a friend of your choice absolutely free of charge.

At Amazingly Healthy Life we have a mission to grow a strong community of resillient, empowered midlife women whose Amazing Health is an inspiration to others. Let’s together do our bit to end the ‘silent global epidemic’ of mostly avoidable lifestyle diseases.

To help achieve this mission, I want to make Healthy and Loving It group program affordable for all so I’m offering 10 free BOGOFF places to the first 10 of you who claim it.

Help yourself while helping a friend and helping towards this great mission – win! win! win!

Maybe you have a friend who could really use this right now but is on a very tight budget or perhaps you can split the cost with a friend making it easier on your own budget too. At £200. each its probably the best investment in yourselves you ever made,

If you can’t think of anyone to gift to right now that’s ok, you can defer it until a later date.

Alternatively, if you just want to buy yourself a place click the ‘Buy now Just for Me’ button and receive a £50. reduction on the full price, so you’ll pay the discounted price of £350.

Full Price £400. 

Discounted price £350.

Next Course Starts: 15th January 2022 

Duration – 6 weeks


Here’s How to Join

  1. If you’re ready to go press ‘BOGOFF’ to book your own place and gift a place to a friend for free (I’ll take the BOGOFF details on the signup form)


  1. Choose ‘Buy Now Just for Me’ to invest in a place just for yourself at a discounted price of £350.


  1. If you have questions book a call with me.


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