Healthy and Loving It

It’s not ‘just your age’ or your hormones!

Get rid of excess weight and bloating, especially around the middle, without ‘dieting’ and enjoy Amazing Health forever​

‘I just want to look and feel like me again but nothing’s working. Is it just my age?’

I hear you! You hate that your clothes don’t fit properly, all of a sudden you’re getting thicker around the middle and to top it all off your tummy keeps bloating out. I know… it sucks!

Your energy levels are letting you down, your skin looks a bit dull and your eyes have that ‘dead fish’ look.

You can’t stop with the processed food, junk and sugar…It is addictive so it’s not surpising.

Or perhaps you feel like you eat quite a healthy diet apart from the occasional snack or treat but still the weights not shifting. This is so frustrating!

You know that diets don’t work. If you’re like me you’ll have tried enough of them to know this.

You feel anxious about your weight, your health and life in general. Something isn’t quite right.

You’re putting it down to the hormones, your age…but something deep inside you is asking ‘Really! Is this it?…but I’m still young!’


Relax! It’s not your age.

Thankfully, it’s not just your age, you can look like you again. You can still lose the excess weight and the bloating and lead a full healthy, energetic life.

I’ve done it myself and I’ve helped other midlife women do it too.

Here’s some of the main benefits enjoyed by myself and the ladies I’ve worked with who have focused on Amazing Health as their goal:

You’ll love what you see in the mirror and the way it makes you feel. You’ll feel proud of yourself not just for the way you look but also because you’ll be a role model, an inspiration, to your loved ones and for other women in your age group.

Take a different approach this time and work with me on a Healthy and Loving It Program.

My Promise to You

My promise to you is that in working towards Amazing Health, and with my guidance, you’ll lose any excess weight you’re carrying anyway and you’ll gain so many extra life enhancing benefits.

There’s no need to be on diets that leave you hungry and miserable. We love what we eat here, it’s not called Healthy and Loving It for nothing.

There’s no need to struggle with your weight or worry anymore.

Take that all important first step and do something today. It can be done it’s not just your age.

No matter what Healthy and Loving It program you choose we’ll work together through a tried and tested framework which includes a combination of short daily lessons, special AHL recipes and food suggestions, coaching sessions with me and a variety of additional accountability measures to help you stay on track.

Sounds great but how much does it cost?

Healthy and Loving It comes in 3 different formats, choose the one you’re interested in to find out the prices and to join.

P.s. Don’t miss my special Buy One Gift One Free to a Friend offer on the group program.

Healthy and Loving It Group

In my 6 week Healthy and Loving It group program you’ll have all the support and accountability you need plus lots of fun.

Healthy and Loving It Solo

The Solo program is tailored to fit your exact requirements and you get my undivided attention at coaching sessions.

Healthy and Loving It Local

This 1-1 program is tailored to fit your exact requirements and you get my undivided attention at in person coaching sessions.

Now Is The Perfect Time

Don’t risk finding yourself in the same position next month, next year or even in 5 years time with the same problem, the same weight to lose or possibly more.

Even worse, don’t risk your health deteriorating. The world is currently facing a chronic lifestyle disease epidemic (heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc). It is a very real problem and these diseases are mostly avoidable by making simple eating and lifestyle changes.

Choose Amazing Health and join the growing community of midlife women who are taking back control of their health and their lives.

Now is the perfect time!


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