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People spend a lot of money trying to look good. Seeking the product or treatments that will give them the skin they’ve always dreamed of or that illustrious, shiny hair or sparkling, unpuffy, unwrinkled eyes… Undoubtedly some of these products and treatments work to varying degrees but if you’re relying on stuff like this you’re missing a trick. There is a rich source of natural beauty that will deliver all the above and so, so much more. Not only that it’s free and available to everyone. This wonderful source is good health… Healthy Looks Good.

Its about a 2.5 minute read, here’s a brief summary.

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Inside Out Beauty

When you are healthy on the inside this is reflected on the outside…You will be beautiful because you ARE truly and genuinely beautiful…on the inside.

Someone who prioritises their health will have glowing skin and a clear complexion not because of the latest skin cream but because her skin is being fed what it needs to thrive. The results of this is…surprise surprise…healthy skin. Skin that looks healthy or in other words, beautiful skin.

She has luscious hair because it’s receiving all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and so… it is…and it looks it.

When you eat food that’s alive, you yourself look alive. This reflects mostly in the eyes. Yes they will be very white and sparkling… but there’s more…a certain sense of ‘aliveness’ behind the eyes of a very healthy person that’s extremely attactive.

…and you can ditch the latest diet fad or product. You don’t even need to think about weight control when you are prioritising you’re health. It’s a non issue. You concentrate on being healthy and the weight takes care of itself.

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It’s more than just food

It’s more than just food though. Inside out beauty – or healthy beauty as I sometimes call it – is strongly influenced by what you eat but there are other factors at work too because true health is holistic. We need to be looking after whole selves – body, mind and spirit – to be truly healthy. We’ll look at this more below in ‘How to get Healthy’

If You Feel Amazing You look Amazing

Being healthy makes you feel good… No… more than that AMAZING…if you feel good you look good…if you feel AMAZING you look AMAZING.

This is so true. Think about it…

When you’re on top of the world how is your expression, your demeanour, how you hold yourself, your essence.

Isn’t it true that you have a spring in your step? This in itself is much more attractive than slugging about with your head down and your shoulders slumped.

You’re face will be relaxed and animated rather than full of stress and anxiety. There’s nothing more ageing than a face full of stress and anxiety. It’s not an attractive look. Just the peace of mind of knowing that you are prioritising your health makes for a much more relaxed existence. On top of that a healthy person actively works at relaxation and easing stress.

A healthy person is a happy person. Happiness is very attractive…is there anything more attractive than a happy person? That smile that lights up a persons day… the infectious laughter… Click here to read more about How to be Happy.

When you are feeling good your are much more confident. Confidence is attractive…confidence is sexy!!!

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How to Get Healthy

As already mentioned true health is holistic. So often we concentrate on the physical body and neglect our minds and spirit/soul but they are all interconnected, after all they all live together in one container… your body. The health of one will inevitably affect the others.

Achieving great health is a journey. Start taking small steps in the following and you’ll be starting out on the greatest, most fulfilling and rewarding journey of your life:- Click on each item for further advice.

  1. Eat real food. Quit processed food and eat whole foods, it’s that simple.
  2. Eliminate or reduce bad habits. Putting poison into our bodies is never going to result in good looks…or a healthy body.
  3. Prioritise Your Sleep. You already know how bad lack of sleep makes you feel. Prolonged sleep deprivation will take a real toll on your looks, skin, eyes even hair and definitely your waistline.
  4. More Play – fun, laughter, human connection. Being genuinely happy is crucial to good all round health.
  5. Relax more. Take the stress out of your face and your body. Stress doesn’t just affect your looks it’s the root cause of much disease.
  6. Sit Less and Move More. Oxygenate your skin and body, and get those muscles and limbs moving.
  7. Exercise more. We need to keep our muscles and body toned not just so we can look good but also so that they work properly.
  8. Love Yourself More. This is where it all starts really. If you don’t love yourself you’re really not healthy, no matter how many push ups you can do…
  9. Get Outside in Nature More. Spending too much time inside is not good for our looks or our mental health and therefore our physical health.
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  1. You always look beautiful and such a perfect example of health! Thank you for this post. These suggestions are all so easy to accomplish- if we just try them. Have a lovely day. Debi

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