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We all make New Years Resolutions but how many of our healthy resolutions stick. How many are successful? It’s a great idea, the whole new year/new start thing. I totally love it. I don’t do the raucous Hogmany party any more! As a Scot. this is almost blasphemy but there you have it. I prefer a light celebration on the 31st (which is also my birthday)…

…Then I wake up as fresh as a Daisy on New Years day and can really feel into and appreciate the specialness of that new fresh day, that new fresh year, that new fresh start…

We can use that feeling as a booster to make a healthy New Years Resolution that will stick. Resolutions that will become more than resolutions that will become a part of your success story, a new habit, a new and healthier path and lifestyle.

So today, Im doing a very short post about how we can make resolutions that we can keep. A short post because I know you’re busy enjoying yourselves. Here’s a brief outline it’s about a 2.5 minute read.

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successful healthy resolutions

Make Them Easily Achievable and Be Persistent

You can do this by either drawing up an overall plan with each step and goal already plotted or you can just concentrate on your first goal and when you get there make up the next one and so on as you go along. The one you choose depends on the type of person you are. Both are equally valid.

Focus on Gaining Not Losing

Let your resolutions be about what you will gain rather than what you will loose. Let them be about how your life will improve rather than what you will miss out on. Let me give you an example to show you what I mean:

Resolution- I want to stop smoking.

Change this to:-

and so on…there are many more gains from stopping smoking.

resolutions that are successful

Reflect and Celebrate Your Wins No Matter How Small

Me Time
Take 10 minutes every day to reflect on your resolutions and how you are progressing with them. If you are doing well and have achieved them, no matter how small, congratulate yourself and celebrate this success (in a healthy way). If you havn’t done so well, rethink it, make changes to your goal that will make it easier for you to succeed and start again. Remember Persistence is the key.

Healthy AND Happy
You will never stick to anything that you are not happy with. You have to be happy with what you are doing, your lifestyle choices, what you are eating… The reason I stick at my healthy lifestyle is that I’m happy in it, there is no willpower needed and no struggle involved.

Involve Other People

You’re much more likely to succeed if you involve other people. That may be just by telling them so that they can support you or it may be that they will come along for the ride with you. Everything seems much more achievable and fun when you have company right?

Resolutions that involve starting good habits and stopping bad habits will have much more chance of success if you have accountability. Someone to report to, someone who will hold you accountable for your actions. If it’s a joint effort you can be each others accountability buddies.

My online course ‘Healthy and Loving It’ is close to being ready to launch. Although it will be packed with useful information, in actual fact, I can see that my students success will be hugely due to the online classroom full of accountability buddies including myself.

healthy and loving it online course
click picture to go to Healthy and Loving It course information page.

In a Nutshell

New Year is a great time to make healthy resolutions that will stick. Applying the above ideas should really help make achieving yours real and long lasting.

Good Luck with your Resolutions and a very Happy New Year when it comes.

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I would love to hear about your New Years Resolutions below, Plus any comments,, thoughts, suggestions or comments. xxx

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