Let Food be Thy Medicine
And Medicine be Thy Food’

An interesting quote by the first ever physician. (1)

This week I’m having a bit of a rant about the crap food we’re fed in more ways than one. I’m talking about the idea of food as a prevention and cure for disease and also the fact that our modern day ‘food’ is causing disease. I don’t want to loose the passion I feel about the subject and its urgency by over organising it, so it is what it is. It’s about a 5 minute read.

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I believe, as do many doctors, scientists , dieticians etc that many of our modern day diseases for example: IBS, Acid reflux, digestive problems, diabetes, some heart problems and some cancers -are directly related to poor diet and lifestyle and can be prevented, managed and even cured by making the right diet and lifestyle choices.

Acid RefluxA Natural Cure that worked for Me

That’s where my journey into amazing health began, with acid reflux. The medication the doctor prescribed me (Omeprazole, a PPI) wasn’t helping at all… I quit taking these alongside a radical change of diet which quite literally ‘cured’ my acid reflux overnight. (to see what I ate/eat click here) Or to put it another way, the horrible symptoms disappeared, never to return. As long as I maintain my healthy diet my acid reflux is non existent and I have never taken the medication since.

If your struggling with acid reflux I implore you to give it a go. It changed my life overnight and after all it’s only a change to healthy eating. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain (Click here to see the many benefits I have enjoyed with my new diet and lifestyle choices).

These kinds of afflictions can really weigh us down and have a massive detrimental effect to our quality of life. Often leading to depression which further undermines our happiness and wellbeing.

There are many doctors who strongly support lifestyle changes over medication for many of these types of condition.

One such doctor is Dr Rangan Chatterjee, famous for his tv show Doctor in the House amongst many other projects. He has released books and appeared on radio shows and podcasts to discuss this very subject. Notably, his natural health book released in the UK as ”The Four Pillars Plan” was released in America as “How to Make Disease Disappear” here is a link to his Wikipedia entry


It astounds me when people mock the idea that our food has the power to prevent us getting sick and even to heal us. Its simple common knowledge and common sense. For example, We all know that back in the day sailors were given citrus fruit to prevent and cure scurvy. We now know that it was the lack of vitamin C that caused them the disease. Originally of course they didn’t know why it worked they just knew it worked and so it was given to them as a solution to the problem.

Thats important, despite the fact that they didn’t understand it, they still took it on board and administered it.

Notably they didn’t say ok ya well we don’t have enough physical proof , the evidence is merely anecdotal blardy blah, and your all nutters for even suggesting it. No they just took the flippin lime juice and solved the problem.

After all it’s only limes.!

Whats wrong with us anyway , why is everyone so angry about the thought that food can prevent illness?

Is it because they’re scared they might have to give up their sugar?

Dont scoff just because you don’t understand it. Nobody is denying science and it’s importance, but science has some catching up to do. What worries me is who is going to pay for the catching up.

Poor Diet causes Disease and Illness

FACT – if your body is not being fed the correct amount of nutrients it will suffer, sooner or later, from dis-ease. True or not?

Why then, when we mostly eat crap are we surprised when we get sick? And then why do we then prefer to take medicine (drugs) to deal with cover up the symptoms rather than addressing the core problem which is poor dietary choices.

Why do we do this. Just how addictive is the stuff we are eating that we would do this to ourselves.

Real food is nutritious, it feeds our bodies, it oils our natural processes, it maintains all our systems. In short, it keeps us alive and well.

A diet of processed food does none of the above. It’s not really food being mostly devoid of nutrients and full of chemicals and other nasties. In fact we are damaging our body by eating this crap, not feeding it.

Processed food is designed to be addictive so that you crave more and more and more (and buy more and more and more = big profits) and eat more and more and more but yet it never seems to fill you up! This can cause obesity and therefore weight related health problems as well.

Most people eat processed food because they are too busy to cook proper food but take a moment and think about that. Have you got time to be well. Have you got time not to be well? Ok I get it, you’re busy, life is busy. But what’s more important than you being well? Don’t be the one that only appreciates the gift of being healthy when it’s too late.

You have to make time to eat proper food as if your life depends on it…because it does…

Prevention is better than cure

Look, if you are really sick , with a serious illness you have to go to your doctor, because it’s probably too late in the game to use food and natural therapy. Science needs to catch up fast so that we know how to cure as well as prevent but we’re not there yet for many things.

Although natural alternatives may work it’s too dodgy to mess around with your health. We don’t know enough yet. But, there is nothing wrong with revolutionising your lifestyle choices AND taking your doctors advice. A two pronged attack.

Less serious dis-ease and illness though, I would have a go at a diet and lifestyle reset first. You’ve got nothing to loose and everything to gain. ( read my post about the many benefits I have enjoyed with mine) This is about taking control of your life and taking responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

For the love of God don’t just take the tablets then carry on with the lifestyle that caused you the dis-ease in the first place!

Just keep taking the tablets and stuff that makes us sicker and sicker😔 and you won’t be alright in the morning ever.

It reminds me of Dr McCoy in one of the Star Trek movies. He has traveled back in time (to our time) and is horrified to find that the medical practices being used are ‘barbarian’. Imagine what future generations will think of our pumping our bodies full of poison in the name of curing an illness that could have been totally avoided by making the right choices in the first place…

They will think how did these people thrive under these conditions. Well, the truth is, many of us don’t thrive, we just live or even worse still we are merely existing.


I predict that more and more of the truth about our ’food’ will be drip fed to us over the next 5-10 years.

We can already see it happening. In October 2015 the World Health Organisation announced that processed meats such as bacon and ham were a class 1 carcinogen. That means it does cause cancer, just the same as smoking causes cancer. ( with a lower percentage risk rate). Have a read about it in this article by the Guardian.

Soft drinks were also under fire this month, September 2019, when the public were urged to drink water instead. A massive scientific study has found a higher risk of early death linked with both sugary and artificially sweetened soft drinks. The sugary ones most linked with digestive issues (like liver disease) and the artificially sweetened ones with cardiovascular disease. Read a balanced article about if here by The Guardian.

Also, watch out for food industry trying to jump onboard the wellness wagon. You will be offered magical wonder drinks and foods that are 100% healthy except they won’t be. They’ll be full of additives because they have to be for shelf life. The food industry’s number one priority is profit not your health. They will try to make profit out of an unhealthy situation that they themselves created. It’s up to you but I wouldn’t trust them!

The Good News

There are no shortcuts, no hacks, no miracle cures, no healthy foods in a packet, no getting away from the truth. We as human beings have to eat proper food and we have to avoid ingesting poisons as much as we possibly can. If we do this we give ourselves the best chance of leading long, happy, healthy lives. Just by doing this one simple thing. Eating real food.

Isn’t this the most fantastic news!

(1) (although there does seem to be some doubt as to whether Hippocrates even said this or not)

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