No more silence
black lives matter

What happened to George Floyd was unbearable, unthinkable, unacceptable…Unacceptable is not strong enough. Nothing is strong enough…I write from A place of love, A place of please God help us fix this, A place of desperation, the feeling that I need to DO something. It comes from a place of guilt and shame… for the silence… NO MORE SILENCE, I can’t speak.

I write as a white women…what else can I do? I don’t speak on behalf of anyone but myself. I just have to say…do something. I want to say publicly that I stand beside the black community in their fight for justice and equality. I stand beside the black community in their fight for humanity.

I stand beside the black community so that they can breathe.

I Can’t Speak

“I can’t breathe’ the words uttered by George Floyd as he was choked to death. It makes me sick. I can’t bear it. I can’t even look at those words ‘I can’t breathe’. I can’t hear them…see them…every time I think of them I become choked with emotion and cry with anguish. I was at the BLM rally on Glasgow green last Sunday and the crowd started chanting “I can’t breathe”. I couldn’t join in… I couldn’t even get the word ‘I’ out because I was too choked with emotion, I couldn’t speak…I CAN’T SPEAK.

but then I must…we must. We must speak out.

It’s unbearable, how can it be that this person, this ‘so called human being’ , this ‘police officer’ this ‘enforcer of the law’. this ‘defender of the people’. thought that it was ok to do what he did.

I thought to myself “he treated him as if he was an animal’. but it’s even worse than that because you wouldn’t treat an animal like that. Nobody treats animals like that…

In what world is that ok…and what makes it even worse… how could he even think that he could get away with such a thing…

He must have thought he could get away with it, how could he have thought that?

Is that what America is…is that what our world is…

no more silence
Black Lives Matter  peaceful protest
Glasgow Green, 7 June 2020

No More Silence

The biggest lesson I take from this and my mantra going forward is –

No more silence. I’m sorry!

I will not be silent any more.

Because silence isn’t working.

If you’re like me your normal response to some form of racist act or racism on the news would be to think. ‘that’s disgusting’. or ‘what a disgrace, they should be locked up’ and feel disdain for the perpetrators. I suspect that’s the place where the majority of the white community sits.

But it’s not enough for us to pat ourselves on the back, ‘well done you for not being a racist‘ and move on living our lives as normal. We as whites have the privilege to do that. We have the choice to move on with our lives and forget about racism…until it’s on the news again.

Silence isn’t working. It’s obvious. LOOK at what’s just happened, how can that be. We can’t just sit in silence and continue to let that happen in the hope that SOMEONE ELSE will fix it.

SOMEONE ELSE isn’t working in the background making everything better. It’s not getting better, from where I’m sitting it’s getting worse…or perhaps it’s always been that bad and I just haven’t seen it…

For the love of god and all humanity let us be proud of ourselves and our actions. There is power in numbers… There are many, many more people who are not racist than who are…Let yourself be known,…Stand up peacefully alongside the black community and fight for what we know is right.

Please stand up and fight with them so that they can breathe.

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Black Lives Matter

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