When it comes to getting healthy no matter what that means to you, why is it so hard for us to get there? Whether healthy means finally starting to eat proper whole food or finally managing to quit the foods you KNOW are not good for you, what is it that stops you.. I suggest that it’s Procrastination: Health Enemy Number 1.

Perhaps for you it’s about losing that few pounds in weight that’s making you feel uncomfortable and unhappy in your clothes or indeed the few stone of excess weight that really does place you in the unhealthy zone. Why don’t you just do it? most people already know what to do …is it procrastination?

For many people getting healthy is about physical fitness. They just cannot get started or stay started on a fitness routine. Getting into it during and after lockdown has proven to be even more tricky. Has it been a challenge for you to get your act together and just do something?

Have you found it difficult since lockdown to get back into your old routines. Have you been slobbed out on the sofa for months? Maybe you’ve just kind of lost the habit of looking after yourself like you used to or you’re not quite managing to getting around to do anything. Doing anything and everything is difficult , you just can’t get started or you just don’t seem to care enough anymore. You know you should but actually you don’t…Is lockdown 2 (if your country is doing this) going to be different or do you think it will just be more procrastination?

 In light of the current Covid 19 situation many of us are facing a real strain on our mental health too. This is not surprising considering the absolute battering of negativity we face not just from mainstream media and social media but also from our ‘friends’ and indeed even families are torn about the best thing to do during this unprecedented situation. The added stress at work, worrying abut our loved ones and ourselves…it’s too much,,, We are overwhelmed!!!

The whole situation has caused anxiety and reluctance to go out because of fear of catching the virus or annoyance at other peoples attitude to the virus (both flippancy of not taking it seriously enough and conversely taking it so seriously that you forget to treat your fellow humans as humans). Maybe it just depresses you to see the horrible situation we are all in with no normality in the shops, pubs, restaurants… Actually, when you think about it, it is our fun things that have mostly been hit. Our holidays, nights out, shopping trips, leisure classes and pursuits all the things we did to relax and unwind have taken a beating.

Anyway I digress…

Feeling like this is can be really irritating because you know you are procrastinating so you find yourself getting annoyed with yourself for not just getting on with it…for not going out, for not doing your fitness…for not eating properly…for eating the sugar…the junk…the wine.

You are aware that you should and could be doing so much more, but in an effort to self sooth you’re just not doing it. Effectively killing yourself with kindness. Almost like cocooning yourself as a form of self protection and self care.

Who Can Blame You

No matter what way we look at it there’s no doubt about the fact that on this occasion we really do have an excuse to feel sorry for ourselves… to drink too much alcohol, to stuff ourselves with junk and sugar, to put it off until tomorrow…to procrastinate… it’s been shit, lets not beat about the bush.


When your stuffed full of everything you can possible conceive of that’s bad for you. When you’re putting on weight and your belly feels like it’s too big for your skin. When you start to feel unwell because of all the rubbish you’ve eaten. When you can’t settle at night with anxiety. When you start to ache because of what you eat or because you’re not moving enough. When regardless of how much comfort food you’ve shoved down your neck you’re still not comforted...then what…

The fact that it’s all very understandable is all well and good but we do need to move forward from this and start with the good habits again or even for the first time.

Now more than ever health , self care , wellness, living a holistic lifestyle should be at the top of your list. Health is not a luxury its essential.

How do we deal with procrastination???

You can only begin to find a solution to a problem when you know that it exists and you admit that it is a problem so the first steps are to become mindful of your procrastinating and admit to yourself that it’s happening. It’s also a great idea to get company to join you on your health journey. It’s much easier to procrastinate with yourself and get away with it than it is when other people are involved.

(I’ve written extensively about habit making and breaking and dealing with procrastination. I’ve put some links for further reading below.)

You dont have to do it alone.

I realise a lot of our groups and activities are severely curtailed due to restrictions and lock down but there are still ways to get support. At the moment it’s either alot harder or impossible to just go to the gym, or your aerobics and dance classes, or whatever it was you used to do. However, there are a multitude of resources available online to help you with your health and fitness. Zoom classes on a huge variety of subjects, accountability coaches, coaching programmes like my own. (links below). You really don’t have to do it alone.

Turn 2020 Around

2020 has been a total disaster, but it doesn’t have to end like this. Turn it around and make it the year you stopped procrastinating and finally took ownership and control of your own health and wellness.

Healthy and Loving It Group Coaching Program

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    1. Yes people seem to have went either one way or the other to extreme. It’s great you’ve used it in a positive way🙌

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