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The health and beauty benefits of eating more raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds are widely accepted. Last week we looked at the why: 6 great reasons why you should start eating raw now.

Now it’s time for the how (to eat more raw). These ideas are taken from my own diet. I make, eat and thoroughly enjoy all of these and more. I have for 7+ years and do totally recommend that you try them.

Of course there are hundreds of ways to eat more raw these are just a few of my favourites picked because they have fantastic health and beauty benefits, they are easy to make and they taste awesome.

Lets get started and in no particular order.

Simple and Delicious Ways to Eat More Raw

  1. Green Juice

A green juice a day keeps the doctor away!!!

Here’s my regular Green Juice recipe. I drink this every morning. 8 ingredients = 8 towards my ‘5 a day’ and Ive not even left the house yet👍

Green Juice– my regular recipe

Juice in your juicer or blend and strain through nut milk bag. Serve with ice and a squeeze of lemon or lime if you fancy it. This makes 1 glass of juice.

Just be careful to prioritise the greens and the vegetables, keep the portions of fruit down. One portion of fruit should be enough to sweeten anyones green juice. (i.e. an apple, an orange, a slice of fresh pineapple and so on). Fruit is fine to eat freely when you eat the whole fruit, but in juicing its easy to overdo it. You don’t want too much liquid sugar in your diet.

For this reason its always best to make your own green juice, many of the high street ones just have too much sugar and they also use fruit concentrates. You really just want to be drinking whole fresh fruit and vegetables freshly juiced.

A note on equipment for juicing: I use a high speed blender and squeeze through a nut milk bag. It works very well, and although they can be pricey they are indispensable and will be well used for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

If you want to use a juicer then the masticating variety works much better at extracting the juice of the leafy greens which are an essential ingredient in the mix. Oscars are the number one of masticating juicers.

2. Green smoothies

Green smoothies are awesome. You basically just pop all ingredients in your blender and blitz. No straining, just pour out all the goodness , including the fibre, add ice and or toppings if you like.

Again watch out for sugar levels. They can also contain lots of healthy fats and proteins which is a good thing but if you are watching your weight just be careful. Always best to make your own so that you can control what’s going into them.

Smoothies are basically made up of:

The internet is awash with ideas for smoothies.

Here’s my green smoothie recipe it’s sweet and simple, a bit like me😂

Green Juice versus Green Smoothies

There’s a bit of debate in the natural health community about which one of the above is the best. The rough arguments are as follows:

On the juice side-Juice is better because of the sheer volume and variety of fruit and vegetables you can pack in and dilute to a manageable amount. More produce = more health goodies. Its liquid form also makes it easy to digest so the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes are readily available for the body to use.

On the smoothie side-Smoothies are better because unlike juice they contain all the fibre of the produce. We need fibre for a healthy digestion, which in turn is essential for our health. Also smoothies are a complete meal often containing all our required macronutrients.

For me the answer is simple. They are both winners.

We don’t need to choose. We can choose one or the other or both to suit our whims and needs.

3. Chia Seed Pudding

Just yum. You can have chia seed pudding for breakfast, lunch, dessert, whenever you want really.

Chia seeds dont really taste of anything so you can make them anything you want.

You can do banoffee pie flavour, chocolate, strawberry, fruits of the forest, lemon, orange and ginger, pineapple and cinnamon, the list is endless anything you want.

You name it you can do it. Just add milk (always plant based for me) and other healthy ingredients, normally fruit and/or spices,coconut chips, cacao nibs, nuts,seeds. You can sweeten with banana, honey , coconut sugar or just cut up dates.

But the best thing is, its mega healthy, mega filling and not mega calorific.

Chia seeds may not taste of anything but they are super packed with nutrients. In fact, they are known and touted as a superfood. High in nutrients, fibre and antioxidants, low in calories, high in good fats with a good amount of plant based protein in them too and gluten free. Whats not to like?

A portion size is said to be 2 tablespoon. I normally eat 2.5 tablespoons, 1 tablespoon = 60 calories.

This is my normal day to day recipe. I eat this for breakfast.

My Favourite Chia Seed Pudding recipe

Put chia seeds in bowl cover with milk then stir. Stir in the rest of the ingredients except the honey and allow to set. (10 minutes to overnight whatever suits you) Spread the honey over the top of the pudding or stir in.

4. Raw Dessert/Sweet treats

If you try nothing else please try these. They will change your life.

Can you imagine a world where that sweet treat you are yearning for and trying to resist is actually healthy? And I mean actually healthy not pretend healthy like stated on the wrappers of so called healthy processed ‘foods’. Can you imagine a world where just 1 of your sweet treats is genuinely enough for you, you have no craving to eat another one? (ok sometimes maybe 2)🤥

The internet is awash with raw sweet recipes. You will find many recipes of your old favourites in raw form, like raw banoffe pie. You will find raw lemon tart, truffles, chocolate cake…and so on.

Im a big chocolate fiend.

I love chocolate, But it has to be dark and strong. Ooh er missus😂

… but that’s ok because dark unsweetened chocolate is actually very healthy…

My favourite chocolate treat is my own raw chocolate brownie recipe which i eat 2x per day. One for breakfast, one for supper .😋

Its true that although containing mega healthy ingredients and being amazingly tasty many raw sweets are extremely high in calories. But they dont have to be…

They are so so simple to make yourself.

You can then control the amount of sweetener you put in. If you have a sweet tooth, start where you are comfortable and lower it gradually, you won’t even notice. Take it to the lowest level you can where you are still really enjoying the treat.

Your tastebuds will adapt and get used to the lowering sugar levels. You will start to reset and enjoy the flavours of the whole item and not just the sugar.

Because they are raw you can taste the recipe as you go along, testing the sugar levels.

Exciting announcement!!!

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5. Salad Swap

Simply swap out your current cooked vegetables for a delicious raw salad to accompany your dinner. You can start at just once per week and possibly build it up to a level you are happy with. You may find, like me, that you actually prefer it and have it just about every day with just about everything.

Im not talking about boring lettuce, tomato and cucumber (although if you like that feel free).

Make sure you pick salad ingredients that you love. Make it exciting with different flavours and textures.

So that’s my 5 easy and delicious ways to eat more raw.

Introducing just one of these tips into your life should result quick and noticeable benefits for you in the way that you look and feel.

The more of them you do the better you will look and feel but take it step by step and action by action, it’s a winning philosophy .

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