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I’ve found myself and my journey into amazing health starting to reach deeper and deeper into my life. Into my soul. Into my core beliefs about life, the universe and everything…but mostly into myself and my very being. Things I believed about myself, deep rooted beliefs. Beliefs that have held me back my whole life, these are being uprooted and thrown away. I have began to fully realise my own power and reach my full potential.

It’s fascinating really how changing what you eat and consequently your whole lifestyle can have such far reaching effects. It’s not just about the looks, the figure, the lack of disease, yes these are fantastic benefits ( read about these fabulous benefits here) But yes there is more! It’s the feeling that you have power. The recognition of your own power and greatness.

The purpose of this post is to give you a glimpse of this lesser known benefit of leading an amazingly healthy life. It mostly consists of excerpts from my Morning Pages (morning pages are like a personal journal, read more about this here) I’ve written it this way so you can get an honest and authentic peek into my new and improved and I have to say the word healthy mindset. Believe me, it didn’t used to look like this pre amazing health days. I was wracked full of self doubt. Anyway, I hope you find it enjoyable, enlightening and inspirational. From this point, it’s about a 3 minute read.

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find your life purpose

Find Your Lifes Purpose

Your life’s purpose is likely to be your dream. What you really want to do. What do you dream of but think impossible? Anything is possible, you just need to shift your mindset a little. I believe leading an amazingly healthy life leaves your mind and body free and fully able to do just that.

Here is an excerpt of my own thoughts on this taken directly from my morning pages:

“I am very excited about the prospect of sharing my truth with the world. Sharing my journey into amazing health so that I can inspire other women to make their own health a priority. My brain even touched on the idea, the possibility that it may be my lifes’ purpose, why I am here, what i was put on this earth for. A divine job, given to me by the universe or some higher being.

Stranger things have happened. If you believe in Taoist principles, which I do, then you’ll agree that the universe, if left to its own devices, does somehow just takes care of things, puts them back in order. Then its not outwith the realms of possibility, that I have finally found my purpose in life.

If I have that driving force behind me, that belief, that this is my purpose, my responsibility, my duty given to me by the universe then that is powerful. That is hard to argue with. How can I say no. How can I not feel confident in myself.

Is this where people get their unbelievable confidence from? Their self belief, their self worth. It’s not cockiness it’s the belief that they were sent to earth or that they were born to do what it is they are doing!!!”

reach your potential

Realise Your own Power and Greatness

Women tend to underestimate themselves drastically. We really need to stop that, think straight, clear our heads… Im guilty of this myself. Until very recently (when I decided to retire early to travel the world) I was a successful, full time professional Egyptian Bellydance artist and teacher. I performed, mostly for other dancers and taught adult women to dance. Below is an excerpt from my morning pages which illustrates a classic example of my shift in mindset:

” In dance, I believed I was good at what I did but I never felt like I was doing much of any good for other people. I was mistaken, pitifully mistaken. I see that now. I helped, and enhanced the lives of many, many women over the years…decades through inspiration and teaching.

My classes were a safe place, a place for women to be themselves, and forget their worries for awhile.

To leave their children behind for an hour or so and rediscover themselves as themselves, not as mum.

A place to expose their bellies regardless of what they looked like. I’m very proud to say that my classes had women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

We laughed a lot, sometimes we cried, we shared lifes ups and downs, births, deaths , boyfriends, breakups.

It was a great getting together of women celebrating their shared love of dance, love of sisterhood, love of friendship, love of each other, love of their own dance, love of their own bodies and their own unique part in that bond of women who danced.

I provided that environoment day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. I am suddenly aware that I should be immensely proud of that. I am immensely proud of that.”

You too are very powerful but only if you realise your own power. You need to wake up and see this. It’s very exciting.

You need to put work in to understand your own gifts , your own uniqueness, what you give to people. Why? Because it allows you to do even better, it gives you freedom to really shine, to stretch out and reach towards your full potential. You can take full responsibility for what you are here for, and it’s not a burden it’s an absolute joy.

Be Brave, Own It and Reach Your Full Potential

Another excerpt from my morning pages:-

“The other day I looked in the mirror and smiled at myself and said ‘You are going to be a successful woman”. I have since revised this to “I am a successful woman”. I have already achieved sooooo much and I never give myself any credit. we don’t as women give ourselves enough credit.

I am already a successful woman who is fully ready, willing and able to reach my full potential. I am no longer afraid of my own success. I will ride with it, take what comes, go with it, the ups and the downs. the failures and rejections, the good bits and the bad. I will make decisions myself, without fear, I will believe in myself and my abilities, my truth…”

just do it

YOU can do it

“It’s amazing how strong and powerful you feel sometimes, like you can do ANYTHING you want.

I believe these times are the Truth. Glimpses of the possibilities that should and could be your life. Your reality.

Not to say that it will be easy, not at all. You have to put the work in, perseverance, self belief and confidence in yourself and your own work. But all of this , I believe, brings results , achieves your goals, your dreams, beyond your dreams but nobody and I repeat nobody will do it for you. It has to be you, you have to do it yourself.”

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  1. I love reading your posts Shona; the absolute feeling of health and self worth. They give me time to pause, reflect and recognise my own life style. Huge thanks and love xx

    1. Suzan I’m thrilled, I write them to make people think and reflect. It’s great to know that they are having that effect. Thanks for making my day 😁 xxx

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