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Last week in my post Secrets of Amazing Health: The Ultimate Weight Loss Tool, I talked about how amazing health is the best way to sustained weight control. Weight control that is for life. There are 2 reasons why it works – 1. It resets your mind so that you now desire to eat the things your body needs (i.e. wholesome foods) instead of what it wants (i.e. processed foods, sugar etc) 2. It resets your taste buds. These two resets are interconnected, whilst working on one we have to work on the other. This week I want to expand on the second point, resetting your taste buds. Why do we need a taste bud reset? Whats wrong with the food we eat?

This is the third and last in a series of posts looking at the Secrets of Amazing Health. By secrets I mean things most people don’t realise about being amazingly healthy. Things only really healthy people know. These are the reasons why we don’t struggle with our healthy diets and lifestyles. Why we don’t relapse and fall off the wagon like most people do. Why we are not just able to sustain our healthy lifestyles but why we are ecstatically happy to do so. We love our lives and wouldn’t go back to standard, mainstream diets and lifestyles if paid to. You can keep your weekly takeaway, I’m just not interested.

Heres a brief outline of what we’re looking at today, its about a 4 minute read.

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Real Food Actually Tastes Better

A quick scour of the internet reveals that people ask questions like why does unhealthy food taste so good and why does healthy food taste so bad. This is just plain crazy. Real food, whole foods, actually do taste better, yes really, I promise you. And processed food really does taste like crap, well actually like chemicals or just super sweet. Once you’ve had a break from it, after you’ve reset your taste buds, processed foods taste like chemicals, nasty and cheap and sometimes just ugh so sweet. Which brings me to my next point. With a taste bud reset that cuts drastically on the sugar, you will find everything too sweet, even stuff that’s supposed to be savoury.

If you’re a chocolate lover even your old favourite chocolate bars will fall from grace. All you can taste is the sugar, no chocolate flavour at all. I now eat 100% cacoa chocolate which has zero sugar (1) I want to taste chocolate, not sugar.

Real food feels better

Last week I talked about the almost euphoric feeling you get after filling yourself up on whole food. This, as opposed to the stuffed up uncomfortable feeling when full with standard processed ‘food. Although I probably don’t need to tell you this. You are probably well aware of how processed food does not make you feel very good. This is not a secret to most people.

I’ve also talked extensively about the many benefits of healthy eating in many of my blog posts. This one lists all the benefits I have enjoyed through my lifestyle reset About and this one discusses how amazing health helps in ageing beautifully .

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Defining Processed ‘Food’

There are two types of food processing, mechanical processing and chemical processing. In general, it’s the chemically processed ‘food’ we want to run a mile from, but let’s dive deeper…

I want to bring some clarity to what I mean when I talk about processed ‘food’. You might have noticed that I always put the word food in quotation marks when Im discussing the processed variety. Yes, Im being sarcastic, its because in my opinion much of the processed variety does not deserve the title food. It would be more accurate and honest of me to put processed food shit. Which is pretty much the name it goes by in my house. (Click to see exactly, the type of food I eat and recommend.)

Not all processed foods are equal. In fact we often process our whole food ourselves when we get it home. For example, take an avocado that comes to my house. It might expect to be mashed up with a fork and mixed with salt, pepper, lime juice and tabasco sauce, so I can eat it for breakfast with some raw seeded crackers. This is a process. I haven’t just peeled it out of its skin and eaten it straight.

The other half of this same avocado might find itself in my high speed blender with other ingredients being turned into my delicious raw chocolate brownies, so after the blender process it will be sitting cosily warm in my dehydrator ready for me to devour. Yum. Again, I’ve processed the avocado. Your own processing is fine, you are in charge and you know and can control what is going in to your food.

Processed foods from the shops is a different animal. You really have no idea what you’re eating. There are varying degrees of processed from mildly processed to ultra processed and everything in between. I personally keep any form of processed foods I eat to a very bare minimum on the lower degrees and never ever eat at the ultra processed end.

Whats wrong with Processed Foods

Processed foods are crammed full of all the things that have been scientifically proven to cause illness, obesity and higher risk of early death. Sugar, the bad fats, too much salt, chemicals to preserve them, colour them, flavour them and to add texture. Add to that the fact that they are often completely devoid of any nutritional value and then you have to wonder why the hell it is that we eat them in the first place. Which leads me to my next point…

processed food addiction

Why we get Hooked on Processed Foods

Junk food, processed food is highly addictive. We don’t tend to eat it in moderation. Why is this? This is the thing that gets me really angry, really really angry. Much of this processed ‘food’ is specifically developed, especially crafted to get you hooked.

The combination of sugar, salt and fat is extremely appealing to your brain because it knows this is what it needs to survive. Food manufacturers know this and are tapping into it to make their foods as appealing to this natural instinct as possible.

The brain is also wired to over eat for survival which just makes the whole thing worse. .

We know sugar is highly addictive, we don’t need to be told this, we experience it ourselves everyday

Of course, the fact that this ‘food’ has no nutritional value just aggravates the problem. Your body screams “please feed me some nutrition”, you give it ‘food’ devoid of nutrition and so your body screams “please feed me some nutrition”, if you keep giving it ‘food’ instead of actual food, it will constantly be looking for actual food because it needs nutrition for its survival. It will constantly be hungry. You will constantly be hungry (sound familiar?).

healthy life benefits

Real Food versus Processed ‘Food’

There really is no contest, real food all the way from every possible angle. Speaking purely from a taste point of view it wins but you may need a tastebud reset to let you see that. To let your body recover from the addictions and brash flavours of processed food. Your tastebuds will come around to the fresh, subtle and complex flavours of real food after years of assault from the sugar, salt and fat abundant in most processed foods. Resetting your taste buds will allow you to enjoy the fresh , whole foods your body desperately needs and in turn you can enjoy all the benefits eating for amazing health delivers.

Note: Processed food is also very bad for the environment, this is beyond the scope of this post but click here for a very short round up of the reasons why.

(1) Willies Cacao 100% 180g blocks, available fromWaitrose supermarkets

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