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This is the first in a series of posts looking at the Secrets of Amazing Health. By secrets I mean things most people don’t realise about being amazingly healthy. Things only really healthy people know. These are the reasons why we don’t struggle with our healthy diets and lifestyles. Why we don’t relapse and fall off the wagon like most people do. Why we are not just able to sustain our healthy lifestyles but why we are ecstatically happy to do so. We love our lives and wouldn’t go back to standard, mainstream diets and lifestyles if paid to. You can keep your weekly takeaway, I’m just not interested.

This week I’m talking about the secret of Peace of Mind. This is both a fantastic benefit of amazing health and also a major factor in keeping me on the straight and narrow, because I’m just not prepared to loose it, that’s how precious it is to me.

Heres a brief outline of what we are covering, Its about a 4 minute read.

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What is Peace of Mind and Why Do We Want It

Peace of mind is a state where you are happy and content with yourself and within yourself. You have no anxiety or worry. This may be in general or about a specific thing, area or part of your life.

For example, you may have peace of mind that you raised your children properly. That doesn’t mean you think you were perfect, no doubt you made mistakes, we all do. But you are happy with and positive that you did everything within your power to do that job well, to your best ability. You could have done no more. Therefore, you.have peace of mind regarding that particular area of your life.

Peace of Mind = Your mind is peaceful, there is no conflict, confusion, anxiety, worry, stress, negative emotions and feelings. Your mind is neutral or full of positive emotions and feelings. Feelings like happiness, contentment, hope , peace, clarity… To summarise, peace of mind is a huge positive, it is something we should definitely strive for.

Have you forgotten what its like to have peace of mind. You had it as a child. Not a worry in the world. A glorious, happy state to be in I think we all agree. While as adults we may not achieve a complete worry-less state of mind we can strive to minimise the worry. The more aspects of our lives we have peace of mind about the happier and more contented we will be.

Prioritising You

My job, what drives me, and the purpose of this blog is to persuade everyone to make their health and wellness a priority. Breaking that down even further I’m talking about when you make YOU a priority in your life. Doing this comes with many benefits, one of which is Peace of Mind. (To read about the many benefits I’ve enjoyed click here)

If you prioritise your wellness, I mean really prioritise it to the point where you are 85% happy with your lifestyle choices, then you will achieve peace of mind in this central and urgently important aspect of your life. Just the knowledge or acknowledgement that you have peace of mind about your own wellness brings relief and satisfaction. It is a wellness enhancer itself.

Imagine this…

No mores

Weight Issues
No more worrying about weight control, weight loss, diets, slimming, fads, counting calories… No need for worry or even wasting time thinking about it. Prioritising your wellness means that you are feeding your body with all the nourishment it needs to thrive and you are minimising the harmful substances you are ingesting. You are also taking care of other areas of life that cause weight gain such as high stress levels. lack of sleep and lack of physical movement. If you have weight to loose it will just drop off naturally. Read about the food I eat here. There is no better way to control your weight and it will last for a lifetime. There is nothing else to do.

the joy and freedom of being healthy

Lifestyle Disease and illness

No more worrying about self induced disease/sickness and no more suffering constant niggly dis-ease like colds, headaches, sore throats. Many doctors will admit that many of our modern day illnesses could be avoided by introducing simple lifestyle changes. For more on this read my blog Let Food Be Thy Medicine . I never get sick, I never get headaches, I never get a bad cold or flu I haven’t done since I reset my diet and lifestyle over 8 years ago and I have spoken to many who have similar diets to me and they say the same thing. If you prioritise your wellness, you can enjoy the same benefits. Imagine a life where you always feel well, and where you are not constantly worrying, deep down inside, that you are causing yourself future serious illness by poor choices. It is sheer bliss.

No more guilt and self trash talk
Guilt comes in many forms when you are not prioritising a healthy lifestyle. It may be that you feel guilty that you are not being the best mum by not setting a good example i.e. by smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk or by the giving the kids too much sugar or junk food.

Perhaps you feel guilty because you dont have patience with people because you are snappy or irritable. These are all symptoms of a less than optimum lifestyle. i.e. lack of quality sleep, unfit body, anxious mind, addictions and withdrawals…

You may feel guilty just in yourself or you kick yourself up because you keep missing out on your fitness session or you keep caving and making bad food choices. The list goes on. Call it guilt, call it self trashing. its the same thing. and it has to stop. If you prioritise your wellness you can wave bye bye to the guilt and self trashing. Have you any idea how good this feels???

No more waking in the middle of the night
This is a big one. No more waking up wracked with anxiety, heart racing caused by poor lifestyle choices. such as alcohol or smoking. Unable to get back to sleep, an effect of the racing heart beat. This is a miserable and extremely scary place to be. You swear tomorrow will be different and then tomorrow never comes. (to read more on giving up bad habits click here) Everything stays exactly as it is, the following night you are there again , wide awake in the middle of the night, a nervous wreck with sleep escaping you. Prioritise your wellness and this nightmare will end forever. ( click here for an interesting read about many reasons why we wake up during the night)

No more worrying about looking old/losing your looks
The ageing process is inevitable but it can be slowed. I believe that many of the “signs of ageing‘ are actually ‘signs of neglect‘. Read more about ageing beautifully in my recent blog post. However, when you prioritise your wellness you will look the very best it is possible YOU can look. Your healthy insides will be reflected on the outside. Your complexion will be radiant, your eyes will sparkle with life. Your happiness and energy will be there for all to see. You will not need to worry because you are safe in the knowledge that you doing your best to maintain your good looks and vitality.

the joy of a healthy life

I wouldn’t trade my peace of mind for anything. I may in the future get sick, who knows. There were many more years that I did not follow an amazingly healthy lifestyle. But I can’t change the past and I can’t predict the future. I can only deal with the present. I know that now I am doing everything I possibly can do to look after myself well and I know that I will never go back to unhealthy choices. They just don’t interest me. I dont feel tempted, I love my lifestyle. I am nourishing and cherishing every inch of my being with all of my heart and soul. I can do no more. There is nothing else to do but sit back contented and enjoy my one and only life. It’s a great feeling.

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