step by step the slow but powerful path to success

Everybody is always in a rush to get things done now and they want results next week, overnight or immediately. This race for results now, (a race that can never be won), is the reason, I believe, that many people give up on things too quickly, too easily. And it’s a shame because if you do this you are missing out big time. Missing out on the chance to achieve amazing things in every single aspect of your life. The Power of Slow Progress, taking each day at a time, step by step, action by action and making small changes and small progresses, this has the power to transform your life.

Heres what we are talking about, its about a 4 minute read

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What do I mean by slow progress?

By Slow progress I mean when you concentrate on today and take things step by step, action by action on a very regular basis. The regularity will be dependent on your goal and the steps and actions needed but most likely on a daily basis.

You make small changes or take small actions that slowly but surely push you ever forward towards your goals and dreams. Big goals and dreams. Think daily progress, yearly goals instead of ‘I want to try and do it by next week or next month’

step by step to reach your goals

Being told ‘just take it step by step‘ infuriated us as children. When we were always in a hurry to get it done, to reach the prize, the goal. You wanted to get there and fast. You expected to achieve everything and expected to be great at everything almost overnight or indeed instantly or might we say ‘naturally’.

Of course we are all born with natural talent in varying degrees in varying things. but all and any talent needs nurturing. We need to put in the work to get the results.

Now that we are adults we can realise and harness the power of slow progress. We can take step by step and turn it into action by action and use it to achieve anything we want. The world is our oyster.

How can we use it

The Power of Slow Progress can be successfully applied to all aspects of your life such as:

Why is it Powerful

slow and steady wins

It gets things done that are HUGE!

just a bit slowly.

The slowness is great though, it stops overwhelm. It means that the small piece you are working on today , just now, in the moment, has your absolute and full attention thereby assuring it’s quality. You are not rushing to get through it to get to the next bit, to get it done, to reach the end. You are enjoying the journey and giving each small step of the way your utmost attention.

This is great news for any project.

Work projects, personal projects, dance choreography, strength training, weight loss, launching a new business, getting amazingly healthy, learning how to do a bullet journal (click here to learn everything you need to know about bullet journals), learning how to draw or paint, keeping your house clean. and so on ad infinitum.

Slow progress in action:

women exercising

A specific example of this in action:
In the gym for my strength training, I do 5 sets of 5 reps of every exercise I do every time I go, which is 3 times per week. I increase the weight by the smallest amount possible and by just one set at a time.

Incredibly slow progress, but progress nevertheless.

It works for me.

It’s not overwhelming.

It stops me from being injured

I am still making a march in the right direction.

I can see my progress in my body.

I can also see the progress on my tracking sheet which is showing that the incremental small weight increases I’m making 3x weekly , are becoming big weight increases overall from when I started. It’s right there in black and white.

Lots and lots of small wins = One huge win.

take the right path to results

Track yourself for success

Track your progress and you are setting yourself up for success. You can use an online tracking app. or just pen and paper it doesn’t matter, both are winners. Whatever you want to achieve, think of small steps you can take to achieve them, write these down so that you can track your progress, then just do it!

Apart from anything else this is just really satisfying and enjoyable.


Because you are virtually ticking done boxes every single day. These ticks signify a step closer to your goal. they mean you are getting better, bigger, stronger, closer. thinner, more healthy, whatever it is you are chasing. This is extremely satisfying and motivating. It gives you the feeling that you are in control and that you are successful in what it is you want.


They say its the journey that matters, not the destination. This is so true, it is. It’s the journey that brings the happiness, the satisfaction the contentment. all the good feelings of success.

chase your dreams and goals, its the journey that matters

Chase Your Dreams

Once you have reached a goal it’s time to set a new one and then enjoy this new journey. So, for example, if you have managed to switch to a completely healthy diet, that is great, congratulations! A new goal could be to level up even more on your health by learning to grow your own vegetables or to up your meditation game. No rush, no hurry, just in your own time.

If you have it in you to achieve one big goal then you have it in you to achieve many. You have it in you to achieve bigger and better things. Its not a stressful path of striving, its one of enjoyment where you are reaching out for your dreams and enjoying yourself along the way. In this path lies human happiness.

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