is sugar bad for me

Is Sugar Bad For You? Is sugar Like a Drug? Do they put Sugar in Cigarettes?

Yes! Yes! Yes! and more…Read on…

There are loads of detailed, measured articles out there about how sugar can destroy your health but I’m in the mood for a bit of a rant😠. It’s how I feel about the whole subject. It’ll take around 2.5 minutes to read it. Here’s a brief outline:-

is sugar unhealthy

Sugar is NOT A Food Group

I came across a post on social media not along ago having a pop at people for avoiding whole food groups. I agreed with the core message of the post. Avoiding food groups completely isn’t the best idea.


…then I looked closer.

They had included sugar as a food group. WTF Erm…SUGAR IS NOT A FOOD GROUP.

For Your Information...

The ACTUAL 5 Food Groups

Sugar, the white stuff, it’s not even a real food!!! it’s a mass produced, processed product made for massive profit and, unfortunately for us, mass human consumption.

sugar is not a food group

The White Death

I’ve heard it called ‘The White Death’… It’s dramatic, I know, and I normally err on the side of reason but in this case, I have to agree IT…

…and when I say IT I mean the white processed stuff and all of it’s offshoots(1) NOT natural sugars contained in their natural containers…

…is the root of most of our health problems.

Perhaps the social media post was written by some sugar lobbyist keen to keep the profits rolling in. But it could equally be just your average Josephine, making herself feel better for her own consumption. Keen to justify and protect her precious sugar and her addiction to it from the constant attacks it receives.

And it’s true, sugar really is under fire from all angles. It’s easy to understand why people are defensive nowadays. Everything seems to come under fire from somewhere or someone even the things we thought were healthy or were last weeks darling superfoods.

It can all be very confusing but don’t let this mask the actual facts, don’t let it be an excuse for you to ignore all warnings.

Sometimes the attack, the criticisms, the warnings, are for real.  In the case of sugar…and I’m really sorry… but the case is undeniable!!!


A DISASTER for your health

Makes You Fat,

Bad for your Teeth.

A disaster for your looks.

But you already knew that…

At what point in your life did you ever think or believe that sugar wasn’t bad for you. You’ve always known it.

Of course it’s bad for you!!! Have you noticed how addicted you are to it. How you crave it. Nothing with that much pull over you can possibly be good news for you.

is sugar like a drug


Apparently, sugar hits all the same buttons as drugs like cocaine. Giving us that feel good high. The idea of sugar as one of if not THE most dangerous drugs in our society is really gaining traction. Click here for a short but concise Healthline article.

There are those who argue that sugar can’t be like a drug because it’s a food and our bodies need food to survive unlike drugs.


That white processed substance IS NOT A FOOD.

We don’t need it, it has no nutrition at all. As my old food and nutrition teacher Mrs Bell was fond of telling us


No nutrition zero, zilch, nada!

is there sugar in cigarettes

Smoke Anyone?

Did you know that they add sugar to cigarettes to make them easier to inhale , more ‘appealing’??? It also makes them EVEN more toxic and EVEN more addictive.


Below is a quote from an article by the American Association for Cancer Research:-

Sugars are commonly added to American-blended cigarettes, and the presence of sugars in cigarettes increases the appeal, toxicity, and addictive potential of smoking

Click here to read the full article, it’s short and concise.

Who knows what that means to Diabetics…I believe there is ongoing research.

Scientists are also researching the link between the sugar in the cigarettes and Cancers…


I’m not saying you need to cut every grain of sugar out of your life, not at all. I’m just saying we need to be aware of its true nature and act accordingly. For a start, let’s at least know when we are eating it, there’s so much of it hidden in surprising places like savoury meats, and pre cooked foods (and cigarettes😌.

I am most definitely not saying that we should stop eating natural sugar containing foods like fruit out of our diets. Quite the reverse, these and the sugar within them are essential to our wellness.


(1) Anything ending in “ose is basically processed sugar or worse. Like sucrose, dextrose…

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