Why you should eat more raw for amazing health

Why Should you be eating more raw?…Well we all know we should be eating more fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds but I’d recommend taking that one step further because many of the amazing benefits of these whole foods depend on them being eaten in their natural, raw state.

And the benefits are so worth it…

Let’s take a look!

1. You will look amazing

Eating raw will give you The Raw Look: a natural healthy beauty, glowing, radiant complexion, sparkling eyes that are full of life. I can recognise it a mile off in people.

This look is simply a reflection of your healthy insides. No amount of money can buy this look, no surgery or aesthetic injections. You have to do it the natural way by eating raw. It is Healthy Beauty from the inside out.

why you should be eating more raw

2. Helps maintain a healthy weight

Raw fruit and vegetables are very low in calories, raw nuts and seeds are very high in calories. Both will help with weight control!


Fruit and veg– when eaten raw are bulky, big and fibrous, meaning they fill you up big style. They are also very low in calories. This is a Win win situation if you are trying to loose or maintain your weight. If you are full then you’re not eating anything else and nobody likes to feel hungry.

Nuts and seeds- the high levels of healthy fats in nuts and seeds makes them high in calories. But it also makes them incredibly satiating. They keep you feeling so satisfied and full for a long time which is excellent for weight control.

With the right preparation raw nuts and seeds are life changers. They can be the difference between constant yo yo dieting and effortless weight control. The difference between healthy snacks treats and absolute junk. For more on preparing nuts and seeds as amazingly healthy treats and snacks click here and here.

As an extra benefit raw vegetables, unlike cooked, retain their natural sugars meaning some are really quite sweet such as carrots, mangetoute, red peppers . This helps curtail a sweet tooth or in a other words you don’t crave a sweet after your main course as much.

When you eat whole food, including raw produce, your body is nourished. It knows it has eaten and sends signals of satisfaction to your brain. This is the reverse of what happens when you eat junk. Your body doesn’t recognise this as food ( because it isn’t) and therefore demands more nourishment that means it demands you to eat and eat and eat and eat until it gets the nourishment it NEEDS.

Do you recognise this spiral of over eating? then Click here to read my blog post Reset Your Tastebuds Quit Processed Food.

3. It’s alive! (The science bit)

Raw produce retains all of its nutrients, natural enzymes and anti-oxidants. You know those things we all need to stay healthy and thriving. Cooking and heating over a certain temperature (40-48 degrees celsius) destroys many of them.

If you are eating raw your body is smugly lapping it up. It’s loving it. (A bit like the trees after it rains๐Ÿ˜ ). It’s living it’s best life just because you have fed it what it desperately wants and needs.

eat food thats alive for health

4. It makes you feel amazing

This goes back to the science bit. Your body has needs. Needs that are met by eating food that’s alive and it will thrive on this. Meaning not only will you be looking your best but you will also be feeling it.

On a personal note in the last 8 years since I reset my lifestyle:-

It’s not just that you don’t get sick it’s also just that feeling of aliveness… energy and zest for life.

5. It’s Fast

Just chop or peel and chop and your good. No slaving over hot stove, no waiting time no faffing around with sauces or mashers. Chuck on plate and eat. Yummy.

6. Produce tastes better raw

Im sorry (not sorry) but it does. It’s juicy , refreshing , full of water and flavour and well…life! That’s my only way to explain it. That’s my opinion, if you try it for all the great reasons above I’m confident your tastebuds will change and you will agree with me๐Ÿ˜

jerry mouse,  yummy in my tummy

Anyway, kids much prefer raw vegetables and that proves it. It’s probably the natural sugars in the veg. they enjoy but that’s besides the point.๐Ÿ˜‚

So I’m sure you agree these are great reasons for eating more raw alongside a healthy balanced diet. I eat a nourishing and balanced whole food diet. Click here to see what I eat and recommend for a healthy diet.

It’s not just food that nourishes me, to see the supporting healthy habits that enhance my lifestyle click here

Around 8 years ago I reset my lifestyle from incredibly unhealthy to Amazingly Healthy and I’m never going back because I’m loving my new healthy lifestyle. If I can do it so can you!

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