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Do you feel too old to live your best life, to put your best self forward? Have you given up on your dreams? The dream of achieving your life passion, the job or career you always wished for, the fitness goals you wanted to reach. Have you given up on achieving the healthiest and best looking version of you? Have you settled? Many people reach a certain age, and they just seem to give up. You don’t need to, it doesn’t matter what age you are. You’re not too old and it’s never too late.

Here’s a brief outline of what I’m talking about today, it’s about a 3.5 minute read:

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‘Old’ is Relative

Do you remember when you were 11 and you thought 25 was old? Exactly!

I remember thinking I was passed it at 22 and thats just ridiculous. I see that now.

Ive also noticed now at 52, Im starting to think how young I was at 40 however when I was about to turn 40 I was panicking.

Its all crap!

Just because our minds chat this rubbish to us doesn’t make it true. Our minds don’t always speak the truth. We can listen to our mind but we don’t need to believe everything it tells us.

Whatever age you are now, fast forward in time 10 years, and your current age is going to look pretty young to you. You’re going to wonder what all the fuss was about!!!

Often when we reach middle age we really start to suffer from this too old crap but at middle age we still have half our lives ahead of us. The clue is in the name. We’re in the middle. You get to choose whether your cup is half empty or half full, so to speak. It’s all in YOUR attitude. It’s up to YOU.

It’s Your Time Now

you are never too old to chase your dreams

No matter your age its your time NOW. You’ve done your bit for society. Perhaps you’ve had your kids. You are better equipped to pursue exactly what you want. You are older and wiser. You have more confidence. You have more experience. You can handle yourself and other people with much more ease. You don’t have the same responsibilites taking up your time. It’s time for you and your dreams, whatever they may be, and why stop at one, pursue them all!!!

Celebrity Inspiration

Many of the rich and famous we idolise did not start until they were older. If they had decided they were too old and just given up we would not be enjoying their work now. Below are 3 of my favourites, click here for more celebrity inspiration.

Professor Snape actor the late and great, Alan Rickman was a graphic designer before he landed his first big acting role at the age of 42. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Snape

celebrities who started late, professor snape actor alan rickman

Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingles Wilder did not have her first novel published until she was 65. Can you imagine growing up without Little House on the Prairie on tv.

Singing sensation Susan Boyle found fame on Britains Got Talent at 47. Nuff Said!

No regrets

Imagine looking back on your life when you are 95 and regretting that you didn’t pursue your dreams. Is that what you want for yourself? We want our 95 year old selfs to rub our hands together with glee remembering how we lived our best and authentic lives. (Incidentally, when we are 95 I’m sure we will think that a 70 year old is positively spritely.)

Don’t listen to the voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough, you’re wasting you’re time, you’re too old. Try!!! and if you fail, thats fine, get up and try again and again and again. That is what life is all about. That is life. If you don’t do this, if you don’t live authentically, you won’t really have lived at all.

The truth is one minute, one hour, one week of living your dream is worth it, just enjoy the journey you take trying to achieve it.

Too Old to be Healthy?

its never too late to be healthy, dancing ladies

We’ve talked a lot about feeling too old, thinking its too late for us and giving up on our dreams, our goals, our careers. Now let’s look at that tendency to give up on ourselves, our body, our health, our appearance when we reach a certain age. At a time when we should be looking after ourselves more, we seem to give up completely!

One thing is certain, your lifespan will very probably be shorter if you don’t look after yourself. (And its not just the length of your life that matters it’s the quality of your life. Being healthy means that you will actually enjoy your life while you are still alive.)

Being healthy gives “never too late’ a whole new meaning. If your lifespan only reaches 60 or 70 then yes sure, 50 is leaving it a bit late (but it would still be worth it). However, if you are healthy, with any luck you will reach 90 or even 100, then no you still have ages left.

When it comes to being well, are you ever too old. Is it possible to be too old, to want to feel at your best? I don’t think so! Personally, I want to feel absolutely amazing on my very last day on this earth so that I can enjoy and savour every last minute of it!

Invest In Yourself

it’s all about you!!!

bashful,  its your time now

Yes you!!!

Now is the time to prioritise your health. You are older, wiser, more confident and better able to deal with yourself and others. You don’t have the same outside responsibilities pressing on your time. Why not invest in yourself. Both in time and money. Why not spend a bit more money to buy better quality food and spend a bit more time on what you eat.

Now you do have the time to do a wee exercise session at the gym, or in the house or out in the garden. You can go for a walk. You do have the time to fit in a short mediatation session before getting up because you don’t have to get up and get the kids ready for school before even thinking about getting yourself ready for work.

They say the best gift you can give someone is your time.

So true…

but let that person finally be yourself!!!

I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestion, comments and questions below.

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